Sequential Prophet 5

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  • Great for the price
  • Sounds like the original Prophet 5
  • New features are great for those who want to use it in a modern setting


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Prophet-5 - Sequential
To find out more about how each synth differs, view our Synth Comparison (pdf) The Return of a Legend
The new Prophet-5 is Dave Smith’s timely return to the analog poly synth that changed the world. It’s “the best of all Prophet-5s” as Dave puts it because it embodies all three revisions of the leg...
3 months ago
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What is a synth that you don’t like that other people love?
I do not like the Dave Smith / Sequential synths. None of em, with the exception of maybe the Prophet 5, and only some esoteric patches. They sound too brassy - the kind of vintage that makes me think of all the mass produced cringey 80s music that it feels like not long ago we were all collectively sick of, but of course as we know that sound has made quite a resurgence, especially thanks to synthwave.
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Sequential Take 5 - The Powerful Portable Polysynth
Sequential nailed it! Most of the sound of a Prophet 5, in a somewhat portable format, at a very reasonable price.
In A Blind Sound Comparison, People Can’t Tell The Difference Between A Sequential Prophet-5 Rev 3 & Rev 4
On the other hand, the winner would be our wallets. If you want a Prophet-5, the Rev4 sounds like a classic, costs a lot less and adds velocity, aftertouch, USB support and other features. Check out the blind test and results – and then share your thoughts on the results in the comments!
3 months ago
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Opinion: Practically anything analog can do, virtual analog can do better
Using a synth like the P5, knob per function without any menu diving is inspiring to me. I also use tons of outboard FX and rack gear, and having a physical synth to just plugin without having to turn on a pc and set up an interface send/return is also a must for me.
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Something about the sound is real pleasant for that ppg wave style sound though(we need wavetable reading!). Most of the big boy vintage synths we all clamor over and love on records we’re you guessed it... mono. Don’t know why there’s such an outrage when a synth comes out in mono like the new prophet 5 or the new dreadbox poly.
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What Should I Buy? /// Weekly Discussion - August 23, 2021
I should buy the Sequential Take 5. It's exactly the polysynth I have been waiting for - an affordable vco synth with a decent keybed.
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Sequential Prophet-10 review: the Rolls-Royce of polysynths revived
Stack and Split bring bi-timbral operation, allowing you to either layer two sound programs, or split the keyboard between them instead. The Prophet-10 then allocates five voices to each sound, making it an even more powerful performance instrument, allowing for bass and pad sounds to be played together, for example.In Stack mode, the opportunities to create richer, blended sounds at source is irresistible
3 months ago
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Friday Hangout /// Weekly Discussion - October 22, 2021
Buying my first synth very soon and I’m 90% sure I’m getting the Sequential Take 5. Been watching tons of reviews and people speak very highly of this synth and so far I think it sounds great. Any thoughts?
help me understand Sequential
But the price disparity really comes down to the size of the keybed, the build quality and the status of owning a Prophet 5. I own a 6 and I love it. In fact I was playing it last night and was yet again blown away by the sound. Don't let the lack of modulation fool you as it's a very "alive" sounding instrument.
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