Trusted Sources

We grade products based on the most trusted sources. We've surveyed thousands of people to identify the most trusted sources for most products.

What Makes a Trusted Source?

A trusted source has two main qualities.

1. Long-term product testing and analysis

Great products should deliver great results during their entire lifespan. A trusted review source closely evaluates the long-term performance of products.

2. Honest recommendations over commercial interest

Product reviews would not be a controversial subject if it weren't for their commercial nature. Unfortunately, most reviews online do not have end consumers' benefit in mind. Instead, these reviews are driven by commercial interest.

Beware of reviewers that say little about a product and then promote the purchase of a product with an affiliate link or a fake review.

For this reason, many trusted review sources don't accept advertising or sponsorship and only monetize through affiliate links and subscriptions.

While affiliate links are controversial, their intent aligns with consumer intrests. Why? Affiliate commissions are not paid out if a consumer returns products they buy.

We are focused on keeping track of and remove the special status of trusted sources caught getting paid to write fake reviews.

Examples of Trusted Sources


RTINGS is a Montreal-based review website. They do not accept review units directly from manufacturers and purchase every product they test and review independently.


OutdoorGearLab, TechGearLab, and BabyGearLab are long-standing review websites that objectively test and review products in their respective categories.


Reddit is an online community that is segmented by thousands of sub-communities called "subreddits". Many subreddits discuss products. Some are broad like r/Cooking; others are niche like r/VacuumCleaners. Reddit communities highly oppose commercial promotion and strongly value honest discussion. As a result, Reddit has become a trusted destination for product reviews.

America's Test Kitchen

America's Test Kitchen is a real 15,000 square-foot test kitchen located in Boston that is home to more than three dozen full-time cooks and product testers. Owned by Cook's Illustrated, they don't take advertising money and are funded solely by subscriptions (print and web).

Project Farm

Project Farm is a Youtube channel focused on testing all sorts of tools. They don't have sponsors and use a pretty scientific method of testing.


Notebookcheck is a trustworthy review site for laptops. They test a lot of models, and their reviews tend to be the most in-depth of all.


DPReview is a great resource for all camera-related products. They do thorough and fair reviews. In addition to the official written reviews, they also have a video team (branded as DPReview TV) who do their own separate reviews. And, of course, they have a forum section where you can get feedback from people who've used the cameras.

Our Secondary Trusted Sources

On Looria, you will see reviews from across the internet. This includes YouTube, blogs, marketplaces like Amazon, and more. We use our algorithms to detect high-quality reviews from all sources to provide holistic perspectives on products.

Because these sources aren't as trusted as our primary sources, their influence is less on our rankings.

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