Behringer Neutron

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  • Great for beginners
  • Build quality is good
  • Features a patchbay that can be difficult to use
  • Its own unique sound
  • Eurorack power cable included


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Behringer ms-1/101 vs Korg minilogue vs Korg monologue
My second synth was behringer Neutron which is also badass, but wouldn't recommend as a first synth. If you have the money, the Minilogue is a great choice! Good luck 👍🏼.
near-unbeatable for the price
You wanna make big ceiling-shaking basslines? Piercing leads? Generative labcoat beeps? Maybe some of that good constantly-evolving drone music? Maybe you just wanna move on from simpler synths and get a taste of what modular systems can do, or get better at synthesis? This thing's got you. Oh, and ...
4 years ago
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Should You Buy It? - Behringer Neutron
Buy this. It's an amazing synth, like we said priced very competitively, very fair for what it is.
Beat Lab
3 months ago
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What is everything I need to get started with modular?
A Behringer Neutron is probably the easiest & cheapest way to start. Also, be aware that modular is an absolute black hole where money gets converted to underwhelming beeps. Consider something like a Microfreak that allows to get deep and weird without fighting a forest of cables that cost €3k. I got out of modular completely because I found it extremely unproductive, way too expensive, and having that many options often led to paralysis, and I was using modular from way back.
What’s a good synth for beginners?
It’s pretty hard to beat a used Behringer Neutron. You can get a huge variety of sounds out of it. Or, for a similar price, a Model D since SP used some Moog gear at a certain point. But for the sheer exploratory joy and value, I’d recommend the Neutron.
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Instant Classic
If you get one synthesizer, get this one. It is an extremely versatile analog synth and it has a very nice patch bay. There is not really much that comes close at this price other than the Behringer Model D. Between this and the D it really comes down to taste. Both can cover some of the same ground...
Greg B.
4 years ago
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How do true mono synths compare to poly synths such as minilogue xd in mono mode?
If it is helpful, some of the mono synths i have liked so far are the behringer model D, the arturia minibrute 2S, and the behringer neutron. The latter two because I am interested in a flexible modulation patch bay (the minilogue is so limited! ), and the model d because it seems relatively close to a voyager for a fraction of the price. My low-mid price range is because I am new to hardware and think it’s wise to start small.
Quality Analog for Less
This is my first analog synthesizer and I'm not looking back. I always lacked is a nice low end in my tracks and always wondered why I cannot get it to sound so good like popular artists whether I use serum, sylenth1 etc. Neutron is amazing at bass sound, very nice and deep! As well as at everything...
Alexander T.
3 years ago
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Behringer's Best Synthesizer
I currently own four Behringer synthesizers including the Deepmind 12, the Model D, the 2600, and now the Neutron. While this is a more recent purhase, I find this to be the most flexible and creative instrument of the group. Yes, it is sensitive on the various filters as others have mentioned, howe...
Amazon Customer
4 months ago
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Worth it at twice the price
First thing I did was set up a PWM patch. The bass is so good that it convinced me to buy better monitors.
J. Random
4 years ago
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Monophonic, Paraphonic Mode


2 x 3340 Analog Oscillators


Square, Sawtooth, Triangle, Sine, Tone Mod