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Sequential Prophet REV2

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  • Great for sound design and multitimbral percussion
  • Zero menu diving at all
  • Analog polysynth with some knob per function
  • Good quality for the price


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Amazing Instrument
Something I will have for the rest of my life, probably.
Mr. Burke
5 years ago
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I built a Rotten Tomatoes for Synths... What do you think?
With online reviews you can easily find people praising a synth that you won’t end up liking. For instance, I read a lot of positive comments about the Prophet Rev2, but then I’ve also seen videos from people who I share similar tastes who say they didn’t like it, and I know from experience that minority opinion of people I’m familiar with is way more valuable than a consensus of strangers. So I don’t think I would trust reviews or scores from a site like the one you’re proposing.
New Synth. Totally blown away. Amazing.
Pulled the trigger on this Prophet Rev2 desktop. Hooking it up to my Arturia Keylab Mkii 49. Sounds amazing. Only other synth I’ve owned is a Korg Minilogue and I didn’t love it so I sold it, and have just been using Arturia Analog Lab and V Collection 8, but this Rev2 is amazing.
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Prophet Rev2 - Sequential
To find out more about how each synth differs, view our Synth Comparison (pdf) A Modern Classic Reinvented
The Prophet Rev2 is Dave Smith’s reimagining of his Prophet ’08 poly synth — a modern classic that has appeared on countless recordings and stages since its debut in 2007. As Dave puts it, “Th...
3 months ago
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Just moved, got everything mostly set up . Any suggestions?
I had a prophet rev2, sub 37, peak, Vermona running into one and I was told to try a tascam model 16.. MANNNN the difference in audio quality was amazing due to the better mixer. It was the biggest shock to my ears after plugging it all in and hearing the instruments true beauty!.
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The one I've been searching for
I'm planning to use this to augment my songwriting. Every patch is pure nostalgia and I love the intuitive programming and modulation
2 years ago
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My arsenal after the latest addition
Possibility to set distortion at three points of analogue signal really opens up that warm dirtiness. I feel like this is the main game changer of this synth. Besides, you can actually kinda get VCO too when you make the filter self-oscillate.
Had to send it back
There where several issues with the unit. Filter tuning and freezes with having to restart it. Never got a response from support so I gave up. Did some research online and there seem to be a lot of issues like that with sequential these days. I was shocked how arrogant the support responses where on...
Sinna Max
2 years ago
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Dave Smith REV2 is like getting a Prophet 08, squared - CDM Create Digital Music
That said, I think if you want a monster, this one is very likely going to be on your short list – it has an exceptionally balanced set of features and a mature and beloved sound. So while the Arturia MatrixBrute has gone hog-wild with features, for instance, and the Behringer has entered the market with their cut-rate do-everything keyboard, I think Dave Smith is still going to have a big, big say in the market among synth enthusiasts.
3 months ago
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I've owned over 20 synths, including top tier synths like Jupiter X, Matrixbrute, Moog Voyager, JX3P, Prologue... but I've never played in a Minilogue before. Anyway, I was with a Prophet Rev2, I can't explain it but there was something I didn't like about it, besides having found its construction very poorly done. Knobs were slack, I could feel it moving inside the chassis hole, it felt like it was going to break at any moment, pitch/mod wheel with VERY poor quality.


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