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Korg Minilogue XD

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  • Great for beginners
  • Easy to use
  • Sounds great with a lot of different sounds and presets
  • Affordable price
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Behringer ms-1/101 vs Korg minilogue vs Korg monologue
The Minilogue XD was my first synth and I'm glad I didn't go for anything else. Not only does it come with a good amount of presets, you can find free preset libraries online. However, after starting with a default patch and building my own presets, I slowly started realizing what a beast that machine actually is. It's one of the best decisions I've ever made and it helped me understand synthesizers in a much better and coherent way.
Love this thing!
I’m too lazy to write a long review, because I’m actually on Amazon to write a bad review for another product, but this popped up asking me to write a review and: This makes the best sounds. I’ve played keyboards for 30 years and I love this synth. Easy to use and professional sound and feel.
Joshua M. Seiler
8 months ago
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Korg Minilogue vs Minilogue XD | DailyAnalog
The Verdict!. The Minilogue XD has taken all of the best parts of the Mini, Mono, and even the upmarket Prologue.
3 months ago
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So I decided to try another synths, got some other 3 synths, and one of them was the Minilogue XD. As I mentioned earlier, I already had a Prologue 16, but Minilogue XD captured my heart on the first play. I could only think, "What an AMAZING synth, that's what I was looking for".
First hardware synth
Very straightforward interface, tons of fx and modulation options once you get comfortable experimenting in that area, based on your music styles: you’d get a good use out of this as it was apparently created with a Roland Juno emulation in mind. Also, there’s tons of cool tutorials for this synth as well. Another option is the Korg Minilogue XD, less voices though. But you can put these cool Sinevibes plugins in the synth and come up with some unique sounds.
Korg Minilogue xd Synthesizer Module Version Has Dropped In Price
Thanks!. The Korg minilogue xd hybrid Synthesizer series (keyboard /module) has dropped significantly in price and there is now a good time to get one. It seems to be the time of good hardware deals
3 months ago
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Made me a fanboy
Idk what "thickness" means, but if this synth was a lady, is be asking for her number. A first synth for me of any kind. I'm super happy. The hype is real.
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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* It’s not so easy to pick up an existing patch and find out how it was created. On the Korg Minilogue XD, you can see a tiny arrow and asterisk when you’re right on target on the setting corresponding to the preset. On the JX-08, you load a preset and then you have to move faders and things will randomly change until you find your way back to where the fader is supposed to sit. Luckily they have mostly standardized on envelope 1 being for the filter and envelope 2 for the amp, so it’s easy enough once you get into the groove, but you have to play it by ears, literally speaking.
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Best first hardware synth. Minilogue XD vs..
Minilogue xD is a great choice - original Minilogue was my first synth and I still love it. That would get my vote.



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