Roland Jupiter-8

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Renowned for its lush and versatile sound, classic architecture, and easy-to-grasp layout, many consider the Jupiter-8 to be the finest synth Roland ever made. Also called the JP-8, it was so popular in the early ’80s that it sold out almost as quickly as Roland could build them. It has stood the test of time, too; almost four decades later, it remains one of the most desirable (and expensive) vintage synths you can buy—if you can find a used one for sale
3 months ago
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Roland boutiques - which one is your favorite?
I'm pretty happy with my JP-08. I always wanted a Jupiter 8 but once I accepted that I'll probably never own one I jumped at the chance to get half of one for a few hundred bucks. I also have the Roland Cloud Jupiter which is pretty good but the JP-08 has a tactile, tangible, a bit smallish but still a manual interface, and we all know knobs are good so I like both my non-Jupiter 8's. My second favourite is the JU-06.
Disappointed by my dream synth, the Prophet-6
Yeah, I was disappointed with the Jupiter 8 as well when I tried it, most overhyped synthesizer on the planet.
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Top 5 Jupiter 8 Software Synth Recreations
There are a number of additional parameters for analogue realism and the inclusion of the Juno chorus is certainly a welcome one. What’s more, the TAL-J-8 allows two patches to be layered over its two panels and balanced with a mix control – a great feature!. The TAL-J-8 is an incredible softsynth for the price
3 months ago
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Should I look into a synthesizer?
Roland Jupiter Xm has RD piano model, can run on batteries and has built-in speakers. And tons of features and sounds.
Oldies but Goodies – Jupiter-8 by Roland
I happen to really like this Roland Cloud version, even though I’d prefer a more up-to-date browser to tag items, mark as favorites, etc. One simple way to get around a missing Favorite function (mentioned earlier) is to copy and paste the presets you like into a new bank, so it’s not a deal breaker for me. Even though it is a slightly older synth plugin when compared to the latest releases these days, it still checks many of the right boxes for me
3 months ago
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picked this up today at a bargain prices.. always wanted a Roland vsynth
I am also fortunate enough to have BOTH of the expansion cards, the vocoder one is probably worth quite a bit by itself now. Imo the v synth will become a classic synth in the same vein as the Jupiter 8, it’s such a shame Roland didn’t develop it further.
Vintage: Worth It? Roland Jupiter-8, the $16k+ King of Analog Poly Synths (vs Jupiter X & System 8)!
It's just not that great as a performance instrument. Great in a studio setup great, if you're just going to keep it in one area, but not really a portable instrument super portable instrument, so the barrier to use and entry on it is pretty high. So those, i would say the three things that i would say would make it not worth it for someone
Alamo Music Audio Lab
3 months ago
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I wanna drop $800-ish on a vintage recreation.
I have a JP-08 and I really like it. The great thing about it is that it's so easy to pull great sounds very quickly. Every control is on the front panel, plus the Jupiter approach to subtractive synthesis is so ingrained and conventional that the whole thing feels instantly familiar.
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Roland Jupiter 8, the greatest polysynth ever?
Unfortunately, on this one, but the cool thing about it is you can um assign the pitch bend to just do oscillator one for instance, so you can hear one's just staying the same there, [, Music, ] or both of them obviously and they've, got quite a big Range, but what i really love is you can also assign the vcf to this, which means that the filter will close [, Music, ] and open when i move this pitch. So if you combine the two of them, you get this sort of great effect.
Matt Johnson Jamiroquai
3 months ago
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