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  • Great for small spaces
  • Subtle but strong
  • Takes the edges off
  • Adds a new tier that it deserves
  • Pairing is effortless


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A must for Kef LS50 owners
It makes your LS50 pair a way bigger speaker, also takes the edges off. Pairing (vanishing subwoofer) is effortless, however you need to play with location with proper DSP setting, proper gain and crossover setting to make it complely integrated. Maybe it looks expensive but adding it to LS50 moves ...
S. Kermanshahi
9 months ago
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Small but perfectly formed
Ordered probably the last available KEF KC62 sub in the UK kuntil KEF ship more to retailers in the next 4 weeks). It arrived this afternoon. Wow. This things is bonkers.
Watch collector stuck in my home office for a year with bare wrists. Randomly found this subreddit, took the red pill, and sold part of my collection to try this HIFI thing out. Thank you /r/audiophile, for helping my neighbors more intimately understand "Il Triello"!
It was hard to listen to. I didn't want to give up so easily, so I took a chance and found a set of Kef LS50 Meta's and a KC62 subwoofer. That solved the problem. I now really understand how speakers can sound "different" and why it's actually important to go test drive them before a purchase.
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5 by 5 all the
5 by 5 all the way
William B.
1 year ago
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Just received this little monster - KEF KC62
They're not exactly bass-canons, and when they get this close to the wall, the bass needs to be even further tamed - plugged rear ports, reduced bass extension and potentially even a high pass filter. In comes the KC62, which was launched just recently. It's a compact sub, which has been marketed with some physics defying specs and a price tag that's way higher that what seems reasonable. Despite that, this seemed like the perfect sub for my small space - and it is.
KEF KC62 Review - KEF sub thinks inside the box « 7Review
So the KC62 is so small you can hide it away almost anywhere, but the performance is all down to clever design – the opposed drivers use Uni-Core force cancelling, each powered by a 500W amplifier, all under the control of digital signal processing. Want even more fun? Try using two of them! 10 Total Score KEF's mini woofer looks as cool as a cucumber and sounds it too.
4 months ago
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I don't have much shelf space in my small apartment home office and I already have NHT SuperZeros (original version) mounted where I'd like them. I'm leaning toward a KEF KC62 subwoofer because it's small and is supposed to transmit less mechanical vibration due to the horizontally opposed drivers.
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Excellent. Subtle but strong! Perfect for my small space (I'm going to modify the cabinet so it fits underneath). Looks sharp and doesn't take up much room. And wow does it make an impact! Blends smoothly with the Q950s at 90hz crossover, at least in my space, and sounds great right in the middle th...
8 months ago
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KEF KC62 Compact Subwoofer Review – ReferenceHT
KEF KC62 Alternatives and Conclusion. The big question for the KC62 is in terms of value. You’re paying here for the compact size and high-end build quality more than the low-end output below 40Hz
Battle of the pee wee subwoofers...
The KEF is a great match for a curated 2 channel hifi, especially if you're after a tidy visual experience. A pair of very nice bookshelf speakers, a great source, and it's going to be a fantastic part of your life.



Acoustic Suspension

Video Shielded


Woofer Size (inches)

6 1/2

Firing Direction