KEF KC62 vs SVS PB-2000 Pro

Great texture and depth in low frequencies
Compact size and attractive design
Excellent pairing with KEF LS50 Meta speakers
Provides a strong foundation of musical bass
Effortless pairing with the KW1 wireless adapter
Great powerful and high-quality bass
App controls for easy customization
Excellent customer service
Well-braced enclosure for durability
Positive impact on both movie and music experience
Not ideal for larger rooms or high output needs
May be tricky to integrate with certain speakers
High price tag compared to other subwoofers on the market
Not as highly recommended for smaller rooms
Some reviewers prefer other SVS models or brands altogether
Steep price point for some reviewers


Overall, the KEF KC62 subwoofer receives high praise for its impressive texture and ability to provide a strong foundation of musical bass. It is particularly well-suited for small to medium-sized rooms and pairs well with KEF LS50 Meta speakers. However, some reviewers note that it may not have enough output for larger rooms or may be tricky to integrate with certain speakers. Despite its high price tag, many reviewers feel that the KC62 is worth the investment for its quality and performance.


Overall, the SVS PB-2000 Pro receives positive reviews for its powerful and high-quality bass, as well as its app controls and customer service. Some reviewers recommend considering the size of the room before purchasing, while others suggest pairing it with recommended speakers for optimal sound. There are some mixed reviews, with some reviewers preferring other SVS models or brands altogether. However, the majority of reviewers highly recommend the PB-2000 Pro for both movies and music.


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