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SVS SB-1000

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  • Great for the price
  • Powerful bass
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Compact design for limited space
  • Good sound quality


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I've never had a serious sub., so when I got this, I wasn't sure what to think of the sound, or how I wanted it to sound. I bought it to upsize the JBL LSR305 gen ii's on my computer desk. Well... that's what I bought the LAST sub for. 5" monitors tend to sound lean in bass, with holes down on the b...
2 years ago
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Subgrade From A Lurker
With streaming/compressed format content it acts like other subs and is subdued, as can be expected. My previous svs sb-1000 didnt have the higher end content impact as much so the divide was less noticeable to me.
SVS SB-1000 Review | Best Budget Subwoofer for Home Theater and Music!
I had recommended the subwoofer sight-unseen and now that I've lived with it for a week and experienced movies TV shows and music on it. I can wholeheartedly give this the techno dad recommendation. Svs also offers a 45 day in-home trial
Techno Dad
5 months ago
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My first ever hifi setup: Magnepan .7s, SVS SB-1000 Pros, Hegel H95
The SB-1000 Pro's reputation is deserved; they pair very well with the Magnepans. Everything from 20Hz up is just crisp and clear and detailed and *nice*. Ear candy! (I have them set at 80Hz crossover with 24dB/octave dropoff, FYI.).
SVS PB-1000 Pro and SB-1000 Pro Subwoofers Review
SB-1000 Pro. That is not a surprise, but the SB-1000 Pro still had enough force.
5 months ago
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SVS SB-1000 Pro and PB-1000 Pro Subwoofers Review
The 1000 Pro series models are considered "Green," with only a 0.5-watt power draw when in sleep mode and both an auto/on and 3V-12V trigger input. Like all SVS subs, these babies are built to last, with acoustically optimized cabinets that use extra-thick MDF and rigid internal bracing to eliminate resonances
5 months ago
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Added a sub to my set-up and now I hear clearly.
I recently added a SVS SB-1000 to my set-up and wow, what a difference. I now have the sound I've been chasing for 6 months. I can't quite believe what this sub has added even though it's quite subtle (when I want it to be).
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SVS SB-1000 Pro Subwoofer Review
Okay, it's not as seductively small as the dual-driver 3000 Micro reviewed in our last issue, but this sub still appears to be a spot of infrasonic magic, because somehow SVS has managed to cram a 12in driver into a cabinet measuring 13in wide. There's also real power behind that driver, producing a performance that belies the SB-1000 Pro's diminutive dimensions. Build quality seems spot on, too
5 months ago
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Two thumbs up!
Firstly, I'm no audiophile but I do appreciate quality sound. and this my friends fits that description. I bought another name brand sub hoping to fill out the low end in my home theater/music room...needless to say it failed miserably. I took a trip to my local best buy and heard a spider man demo ...
6 months ago
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Tight controlled and music bass = SVS SB-1000
What did adding a subwoofer give me in my stereo setting? More bass, duh. I could babble on about more airy midranges and more room for the highs but that is bullshit. I got more of what I already had which was tight defined and focused bass and that is exactly what I wanted. The match between a lar...
Johnathan Bailes
3 years ago
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