Rythmik L12

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Rythmik L12 vs Rythmik FVX12 vs REL HT/1205 subwoofer ?
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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Sub, Aug 8, 2020.
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Ryzen 5900X • RTX 2080ti • Ghost S1 MK3
Sure I could have gone with a vengeance LPX kit and removed the heat spreaders but that was more work for marginal performance improvements that I deemed unnecessary in my use case. This config would not fit with any ram that has a heat spreader. **NOTE: The original L12 included wire clips for a 120mm fan that happened to fit my slim fan as well.
After seeing the setups in r/audiophile I felt this fit in better here
Rythmik L12 (new $590). The full room (living/dining/kitchen) is 20x40 and echoes like mad. I've done a few Dirac tunes and still can't get the bass right, so I bought a longer RCA and I going to try with the sub between the sofas once I receive it. Overall pretty happy with how it sounds.
Loving the new Emotiva’s
I got a rythmik l12 and had to cross it down at 30. The t1s legitimately hit their spec. There’s a mid bass dip i wish i could fill, but without a minidsp I can’t hand it off to the sub cleanly. But I can’t image that sub hitting the midbass better than the t1s.
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Was gifted a pair of Emotiva T-2 towers, I’m amazed how good these sound paired with a Dayton SUB-1500.
I have the T1s and it was damned hard to get the rythmik L12 contributing without it coming out worse (tho I don’t have bass management, sure that helps a lot). I honestly can’t imagine that dayton doing much the t2 can’t do better.
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Rythmik Audio L12 Direct Servo Subwoofer
Avenue Sound
Shop No. 5, Mauli CHS Ltd., Sector 50 (E),
Seawoods, Nerul, Navi Mumbai – 400706
Toll Free Number: 1-800-121-8625
Mobile: +919930885877
Showroom: +91-22-35590435
Store Hours: Mon-Sun 10AM To 8PM
Email: ashish@avenuesound.in
4 months ago
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Need a sub to go with my PSB P5’s and Loxjie A30. Will use for music and occasionally cinema. Trying to stay under $500 but will spend up to ~$700 if it’s a killer buy. What should I buy!
I’d go for the Rythmik L12. Excellent musical sub in a compact enclosure.
Formd T1 5950x 3080 switching from air cooled to watercooled
L12 can only cool the 5950x in eco mode, that being said performance was still quite solid in eco mode but your missing out on quite a bit of performance. Unfortunately my 5950x does not undervolt very well. Running a EKWB 240 AIO with the Noctua A12x15 the fan noise can get pretty annoying with the random ramp ups.
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Aklla A3 Build (5600x + 3060)
Decent case with good ventilation and small footprint. Using the NH-L12, I can barely hear any turbulence noise as the fan is far from the side panel. A step down (smaller size) of this case will probably be the K39, which I did a build in it a few months back. Compared to the K39, it accepts a taller CPU cooler (more cooling capability), and a SFX PSU.
After switching back and forth from ITX - mATX - ATX. I'm back to ITX once again and it feels and looks good.
CPU 60c and GPU about 67c under a gaming load. Specs:. Ryzen 7 3700X. Noctua NH-L12 ghost edition (used my own nfa12-15).


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