Coway AP-1512HH Mighty

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  • Made for small spaces
  • Quiet operation
  • Compact size
  • LED light indicator for filter status
  • Filter replacement reminder


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Broke Down in Six Months - Manufacturer Does Not Want to Honor Warranty
I purchased 3 of these units in January 2019. They were working fine until 1 of them started making an annoying and worrisome rattling noise. From then on, the LED light has remained RED no matter which setting I put it on. I've cleaned this machine several times and I changed the filters when the f...
John G.
3 years ago
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Extremely quiet on setting 2, extremely loud on 3.
So far, so good. It does seem to be doing a better job than my previous purifier by Honeywell. I love that the unit pushes air out the top instead of in front of the unit, making it easier to put it into a tight space. That’s important since the unit is much larger than I expected. The controls are ...
4 years ago
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I don't want to be one of those giddy-with-first-impressions folks in not testing a product thoroughly for months before posting a review... but this thing makes me wanna do just that. It arrived simple & understated.. and by that I mean, unpacking was easy and it did not take brute force or cleanin...
6 years ago
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Cleaner air
So far, the Coway purifier meets our expectations. Our house is small (1100 sq. Ft.) and the purifier seems to react whenever the air becomes polluted (mainly cooking odors). We look forward to long range functioning as the seasons change.
Amazon Customer
2 months ago
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Coway AP-1512HH Mighty Air Purifier - Review (Performance Test and Smoke Box)
The Co-way Ap1512hh Mighty Air Purifier is an air purifier that had amazing results in all our tests. It displayed excellent performance results, a quiet engine, eco mode, and many other advanced options.
Air Purifier First
25 days ago
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Exploding fan and shrapnel
Bought open box from Amazon warehouse in November with the description, "like new, product will be in original packing, box is damaged". Came with all the plastic on it, filters still in bags. Initial setup was great, and it ran fine for about six months. Then one day my girlfriend and I were cookin...
Andrew Ritchie
3 years ago
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I am seriously impressed so far
I did a LOT of looking into multiple different air purifiers before choosing this one. I want you to know that Auto Mode IS nearly silent, you have to TRY to hear it, I even checked that it was on a few times but could feel the air blowing out of the back (which feels lovely btw). I chose this one b...
Val T
1 month ago
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Wow! I can breathe so much better!
This product was recommended by Wire Cutter and oh were they spot on when they gave this air purifier excellent reviews. Good quality, reliable, easy to switch out the filter...and the filter lasts for a full year. You won't be disappointed! Super Wow! I have three of these in my home and one in the...
3 months ago
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Cheap is cheap
Had this air purifier for all of 4 months. I was desperate to get an air purifier at the time because my allergies were so bad I was going several nights with little to no sleep. I had researched obsessively as I always do but a big hindrance was my budget which could only allow for $200 or less. En...
Michael Baxi
4 years ago
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Clean Air Ninja
My home backs up to open fields and while it affords a beautiful view, the year round dust and pollen is problematic. I also have two Boxers who shed like it's their job. So between the dust, dander, pet hair and pollen I developed adult onset allergies. After trying several highly rated air purifie...
5 years ago
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Power Source

Corded Electric

Item Weight

12.3 Pounds

Control Method