Winix AM90

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  • Great for allergies
  • Quiet when on low mode
  • WiFi setup and operation is seamless
  • Three devices in one house
  • App on iPhone works perfectly


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We have ferrets!
That's all you really need to know! LOL. We got them for our daughter after doing some research that mistakenly lead us to believe that they would make good pets. They are cute little critters, but MAN are they a lot of work. First of all, they stink. They remove some of their stink glands (I mean, ...
Tom Steele
4 years ago
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WiFi setup requires older device
Could not setup WiFi using an iPhone 12 running ios15. Every time I went to setup WiFi in the app, it said I needed 2.4 ghz. 1st. I forced my router to only use 2.4 ghz band. Still would give same message, requiries 2.4 ghz and would not proceed. I tried turning off various settings on my iPhone lik...
Jason Mello
6 months ago
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So about a year ago we bought the Winix AM90 and it wasn’t as loud as the u450 but we have dealt with it. We recently replaced a new filter and it was louder for about a month then now it’s quite again. And the reason you may ask, our dogs sleep with us and any noise they hear they want to bark so we need a louder air purifier.
The WFIFI works 1-2 out of times, horrible glitchy app.
3 years ago
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Great air purifier
Use in bedroom. Have a Golden that sheds a lot. Noticed a huge difference in dust and pet hair. Only down side is it would not connect to Wi-Fi as many have stated but I just use it manually. Very happy with this purchase.
S Davis
7 months ago
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First impression after using Rabbit Air, Bissell, Honeywell models
In my experience air purifiers Made in Korea are among the best. This Winix air cleaner is designed by a Korean company, and just like my Rabbit Air this is extremely quiet when it is on low mode. You can’t even hear it if you put your ear up to the unit, it is so quiet! It is great in bedrooms wher...
D. Coral
4 years ago
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Alexa sucks. Purifier outstanding. Wifi App is ok.
To get the wifi to connect with your mobile device. Do yourself a favor and turn off your mobile data connection first. Then try to connect your device to the purifier. It may save you some frustration. I dont know why they dont suggest that in the instructions.At least it worked for me and I notice...
3 years ago
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Best air purifiers of 2022
As mentioned before, in home settings, virus transmission usually occurs through close contact, which means an air purifier probably won't protect you if a roommate or family member in the same house gets sick. That said, purifiers may help businesses and restaurants trying to improve the air in their indoor spaces..For households with an asthmatic or otherwise immunocompromised child, air purifiers have significant benefits, according to Dr. Elizabeth Matsui, a professor of population health and pediatrics at the University of Texas, Austin's Dell Medical School..Matsui has extensively researched the effects of air purifiers on children with asthma and says the devices can make a big difference -- though they're no substitute for well-ventilated and smoke-free homes or proper medical care. Furthermore, there is no evidence to suggest that air purifiers diminish the chance of children developing asthma..In short, air purifiers are popular for a reason: They mostly do what they say, cleaning the air inside your home.
David Priest
7 months ago
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Winix AM90 Vs C545, Which Is The Better Option In 2022?
In Winix AM90 and Winix c545, you have a different design, but the filtration system and most features are common. If you want a smart air purifier, we strongly recommend the Winix AM90 even the Winix c545 is the best air purifier. Conclusion:
Units run well and quietly. Service was very positive.
So far so good. Bought one of these a few months ago, initially since my wife and I seem to have developed greater sensitivity to spring pollen, which has been particularly heavy this year. Based on early positive perceptions of the first unit located in our bedroom, I bought 2 more to locate in oth...
Bruce B
3 years ago
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Power Source

Corded Electric

Item Weight

16.5 Pounds

Control Method