Acer Predator X34GS

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  • Great for gaming
  • G-sync is a must have
  • HDR 400 isn't true HDR experience
  • Backlight bleed in corners
  • Framerate falls out of freesync range when operating at 180Hz


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"Gaming" monitors that are also suitable for design work
Since you gave us nothing to work with id recommend the acer predator x34gs
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[MONITOR] GIGABYTE M27Q 1440p 27 inch IPS 170HTZ $269 ($359 - $60 - $30 promo code)
This replaced my Acer Predator almost double the price that could do G-Sync in only 1080p on a TN display. Love the colors and how bright this can get. Running it with a GTX 1660 Ti on Destiny 2.
Awesome Product
Cons: There is a bit of backlight bleed in the corners (not very noticeable unless you force 16:9). When framerate falls out of freesync range (55fps when operating at 180Hz) there is a noticeable overshoot. HDR 400 isn't a true HDR experience. Pros: Literally everything else. 550 nits makes for sup...
1 year ago
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Thinking about moving from a 34" to a 49" but not sure if it'll suit the space. Any input is appreciated!
I just moved back to a 34" Acer Predator from the 40" CRG9 and I'm glad I did. The CRG9 was amazing, but it was overkill. I don't do any video or music editing. I wouldnt mind a slightly larger ultrawide, but I'm very happy to have come back to it.
Looking for a good 1440p 144hz monitor
Acer Predator have 0 issues and it is IPS display, G-Sync, 144 hz, 1440p, I have the 27" but they also have the 24" as well
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1440p 144hz on a budget - which to choose?
I have the Acer Predator one thats 1440p 144hz with g-sync, completely happy with it and would recommend taking a look at it...even the non-gsync one
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Probably best in its class/price range.
Upgraded to this beasty from a 27” 1440p RoG Swift from a few years ago. It was dual-purpose upgrade: increased horizontal desktop real estate for coding IDE work and more immersive gaming. Delivery from Amazon was brisk, and the box was in perfect order. This monitor is packed very well, and the bo...
1 year ago
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A visual representation of 60 hz vs 165 hz
My beloved Acer Predator! I don’t use it overclocked but 1440p 144Hz G-Sync is the best gaming I’ve had! Amazing choice my friend!
This Monitor is AWESOME!!! - Acer Predator X34 GS
WX, Andy-, (, Andy laughing ). The last thing I'll say about this monitor, and maybe the most interesting thing to me is that when the first one launched all those years ago, it launched with an MSRP of 1300 US dollars., But this one ( upbeat music ), this one's launching with an MSRP Of $ 900
3 months ago
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Acer X34 GS or ASUS XG349C or suggestion
X34gs is the best in my opinion. Sadly I can't stand nano ips (get headaches all the time)