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ViewSonic XG270

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240 Hz is EPIC - ViewSonic Elite XG270 Unboxing + Overview!
So if you do want to see that make sure you hit subscribe or probably be up within the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that, but yeah. I hope you enjoyed the video today guys if you've got any questions about this monitor or anything like that drop us. A comment below and I'll definitely get back to you, but yeah
Tech Tesseract
5 months ago
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RTings Alienware AW3821DW review is out.
- RTINGS' contrast ratio result sounds like a QC problem. They should have had Dell replace their test unit. Personally though, there's no *perceptible* difference between my unit's contrast ratio and my XG270, which was rated at >1000:1 by RTINGS. But like RTINGS said, YMMV.
ViewSonic Elite XG270
The ViewSonic Elite XG270 is an excellent gaming monitor with a 240Hz refresh rate and a fast response time, delivering images with incredible smoothness and clarity. Its FreeSync support helps to minimize screen tearing, and its remarkably low input lag provides a responsive gaming and desktop experience.
Samuel Breton
5 months ago
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Great colors! QC was not good.
Was expecting a lot when I got this in and was immediately disappointed. I have flashligting coming from not one but 4 places along the edges of the panel. 3 spots on the bottom of the screen and 1 at the top. It's very distracting. Only way for me to get the picture to improve is lowering my backli...
3 years ago
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ViewSonic Elite XG270 Review
As of this writing, the only other monitor I know of that shares this same panel is the Alienware AW2720HF, and while the two are priced competitively with one another (right now you can find the ViewSonic for a street price of around $430), in my opinion the XG270 edges out the win thanks to quality-of-life improvements like its versatile stand and mouse bungees. Not only that, but with its new Blur Busters certification, this is the first and only monitor that can safely claim that it's ahead of the curve in the battle against motion blur. The XG270 is a thoughtful, expertly crafted gaming monitor that sets out to do one thing really, really well: help you game at your fastest with the crispest visuals possible at 240Hz
Chris Stobing
5 months ago
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Finally, I can ditch the TN panels for competitive gaming! Sony GDM FW-900 CRT in LCD form factor?
Many years ago I owned a Dell Ultrasharp 23" 60hz panel. It had beautiful, vibrant colors thanks to the IPS panel. I was able to play competitive Counter-Strike on it (reported an input lag of 0.6ms! 0.6!!) while also doing graphic design work due to the terrific color accuracy. But monitor technolo...
Alex Rose
3 years ago
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ViewSonic Elite XG270QG Review, Buy This or LG 27GL850 for 1440p Gaming?
It does fall away a little bit because of that higher price, but I think a lot of high-end monitor buyers will be quite happy with this panel, especially if they get it on a nice discount or sale in the future. If that happens, as always, you can subscribe for more monitor, reviews, testing analysis or that sort of thing definitely hit that Bell icon as well. So you don't miss anything from us, give the video a like if you enjoyed it and if you do want to support our monitored testing
Hardware Unboxed
5 months ago
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The 6 Best Gaming Monitors For PS4 - Spring 2022
It's actually a 240Hz monitor, but it's still great for the PS4 because it performs well at 60Hz, as it has a quick response time at a lower refresh rate. Although the input lag increases a bit at 60Hz, it's still low enough that you won't notice any delay while gaming.
6 months ago
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Am I going to regret upgrading to a high refresh monitor?
ViewSonic XG270 is the best one and backlight strobing at 100hz and 120hz destroys normal 240hz. Other monitors have image quality loss when you enable it.
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XG270. Not the Motion Blur Reduction king that was promised. (updated)
The media could not be loaded. If you have no intention of using this monitors Motion Blur Reduction (PureXP) then this review should be of no concern to you. If you do intend on using PureXP, be wary of the quality control on the PureXP portion of this monitor. I had to do two exchanges before bein...
3 years ago
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Screen Size

27 Inches

Display Resolution Maximum

1920 x 1080 Pixels



Special Feature

Height Adjustment

Pivot Adjustment