Trek FX 2 Disc

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  • Great for long rides
  • Easy to maintain and easy to ride
  • Reliable, fast, fun
  • Rock solid platform
  • Recommended size is L as a 5'10" 215 pound male


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Great Bike for getting back into biking
I just got back into biking last year and now ride this bike 3 to 4 times a week. Long rides for me are 40 miles and this bike is great for that distance. Easy to maintain and easy to ride.
6 months ago
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Finally ready to upgrade! Best Fitness bikes under US$ 1000?
I absolutely love it. New they go for about $900, I got it used for $700. It’s a fantastic bike, lighter than my old bike, set up like a road bike but it has upright handlebars like a hybrid.
Great beginner bike for fitness / exercise
I purchased this bicycle for physical fitness reasons primarily for weight loss.
I'm able to maintain 20mph+ speeds with ease in top gear on this bike.
The recommended size I suggest is L as a 5'10" 215 pound male.
I ended up trading the small original seat out at the shop where I purchased my FX-...
Bob the Biker
2 months ago
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Fast forward
This is the best bike I've had in a long time. It's fast reliable fun and works well with my daily commute. I rather have this bike then a car now its that good.
Sensi Chris
7 months ago
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First commuter bike, and I love it.
I walked in as a level zero experienced rider and left with a bike just right to move on to a level one experienced rider. Steve was able to tell me everything I asked and was concerned about in regards to the right bike for my needs and the way it should fit. After having used it to commute to work...
CaM the New biking Guy
2 years ago
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Great first bike
This is my first road type bike and it's excellent. Don't have anything to compare it to, but on my first ride to work (6 mi) it was quick and helped me get up the moderate hills I have to climb.
4 months ago
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2020 Trek FX 2 Disc Bike Review/Overview
Like I said, the in-depth specifications are linked in the description, but to end this video, I would like to say that this bike is just fun to ride. When I ride this I'm always enjoying myself rain or shine and I'm always anxious to get back out on it. The ride's super smooth and overall just provides a great biking experience
2 months ago
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Gian Roam, Trek FX 2 Disc, and Canondale quick 7 as these are the three models that my local bike stores have available. I plan on riding 2-3 times a week for a maximum of 15-20 miles each of those days.
I love this bike.
I purchased my Trek FX2 in late October, 2021, and have accumulated over 700 km.. I have enjoyed every km immensely. It was easy to set up to fit me (I am 5'10" and the bike is a large), requiring only small adjustments. I will probably get a professional fit done this spring, as I intend to keep th...
9 months ago
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Alpha Gold Aluminium


FX alloy


Tektro HD-R280 hydraulic disc


Bontrager H2 Comp, 700x35