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Giant Escape 3

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  • Great for commuting
  • Lightweight
  • Good for road and light trails
  • Easy to assemble


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Awesome business
I was very satisfied with my purchase. From the time I placed an order for my bike till when I picked it up the communication was excellent. I am sorry for this but I forgot the exact name of the associate that helped me. Gabriel or Gilbert. He was awesome and set my bike up right.
Adam P.
2 years ago
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I’m an idiot. I was totally out of the loop. I had a Giant Escape Disc 3 that I got early last year.
Fall commuting = relaaaxing afterwork
First comment here, I've been a lurker for 6 months and thanks to you all I got this Giant Escape for my new job commute (previously I was commuting on a road bike...but look at that path!). It's a short commute, just 2x 3.5Km / 2 milles, but makes me feel great everyday. Curiously I have never come across another bike on this section except on wekeends!
I plan to mostly use on our local bike trails and for riding around with my elementary-aged kids, who I'm hoping to ride more in the coming years. I haven't ridden much in years besides out Peloton. Just went down to my LBS and based on availability they recommended a Giant Escape 3 ($460) that will be in stock with them the first week in August.
Do you need to Escape?
Well, after 10 years of road biking, thousands of KM's, 10 different road bikes from Cannondale via TCR to Canyon...
I thought to ride to work and bought this candy-Escape.
What can i say?
It just remind me how fun bicycles are!
Road bumps are far less disturbing!
The posture is higher and my neck ...
Good for road and/or trails? Hybrid? Female, 5’4”
I’ve got a Giant Escape 3 which seems comparable to this and I love it, the disc brakes are also nice. This is definitely good for the road, and will probably be fine on un-paved trails as long as you aren’t riding like a maniac.
Good bike for 13 year old guy
Probably what you're looking for is a road-oriented hybrid like a Specialized Sirrus, Kona Dew, trek fx 3, Giant Escape, or something equivalent. Your local shop will deal in a few different brands and may have used stock from many other brands. Take your time and listen to the people in the shop is my best advice. they're very trustworthy in my experience.
Bike Recommendation for 5’2 rider
Giant Escape is in that range. Hybrid aluminum frame, decent components. Makes a solid commuter and is fun to ride. I've been commuting on one for the last 6-7years. Worth a look if you can find them in stock.
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Giant Escape 3 Road Bike Review -
The Tourney front and rear rear mech are entry-level, but they shift extremely smoothly, making them excellent for commuting and fitness rides on city streets. Robust dependability.
2 months ago
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Please help me find a great bike for commuting.
The Giant Escape series is a nice aluminum frame hybrid does does good duty as a commuter. Decent components, relatively light, and geared pretty well for the climb you have. Under a $1000 last I looked. Trek FX series also worth a look.
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ALUXX-Grade Aluminum


high-tensile steel, rack mount


Giant Sport XC, 25.4


alloy, adjustable