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  • Great for commuting
  • Good value for money
  • Comfortable ride
  • Durable frame and components
  • Easy to maintain


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Kona Dew from Kona for your daily commute. Best prices here
The Verdict. These are great urban riding cycles with quality componentry, design, and functionality overall, at quite affordable prices. We really enjoyed getting to review the Kona Dew bikes as they were, for the most part, a fun and smooth ride through our city
2 months ago
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I've ordered a kona dew deluxe as it's very close to everything I want - tuff frame, big tyres, mudguards, disc brakes, qr hubs and good rack mounts. I'm starting to get excited to rack up some miles again, just hope I can find a bit of the love I had for riding previously and keep at it.
Dented CAADX. Is it safe to ride?
Once compromised like this, I'm not sure it's still anywhere near as strong as it was designed to be. Due to C'dales having a thinner tube, I would personally consider this frame unsafe. If I had a similar dent in my old aluminum Kona Dew which was a heavy frame with smaller and thicker tubing I might consider keeping a close eye on the dent and continue riding it, but not for a Caadx.
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Hybrid bike suggestions?
For mostly paved paths and maintained trails you won’t need, or enjoy, a suspension fork. For quite a while I rode a mountain bike with skinny tires for the kind of riding you are talking about. I switched to a fully rigid Kona Dew and the riding is much more enjoyable!.
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I'm looking to buy a bike for commuting any suggestions?
A lot of bike companies turn out a lot of similarly spec'ed bikes that have different geometry, find the one that feels right for you. That being said, I've always thought the Kona Dew seemed like a good option for a short distance/around town commuter and it kind of stands out from the pack, I can't think of too many similar bikes. It's like a cross between a fitness bike and a cruiser.
I ordered a 2021 Trek X-Caliber 9 on Halloween and my “promised” date is June 21st. I’m hoping it will arrive sooner, because until then, I am without a mountain bike since my 2011 Cannondale Trail SL2 got stolen. Currently utilizing a 2015 Kona Dew Plus in the meantime but it’s just not the same.
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Under $1000 - Wide Tire Commuter/Fitness, Maybe Some Trails/Gravel in the Future
Not sure if you’re set on drop bars, but the Kona Dew Deluxe seems like it would fit the bill. Easy to maintain 1x12 drivetrain and 650b x 47c tires that roll really fast and smooth on pavement. I know you said you would prefer 700c wheels, but the 47c are really nice.
- I love the look of the Kona Dew Deluxe, but it isn’t electric. - My budget is about $2,000 for this experiment. - I am considering picking up a Dew or Rove and converting.
Good bike for 13 year old guy
Probably what you're looking for is a road-oriented hybrid like a Specialized Sirrus, Kona Dew, trek fx 3, Giant Escape, or something equivalent. Your local shop will deal in a few different brands and may have used stock from many other brands. Take your time and listen to the people in the shop is my best advice. they're very trustworthy in my experience.
Been riding a small 150 dollar used MTB for my entire cycling career. Less than a week ago I upgraded to this Kona Rove. First big ride I maintained a mph of 14 mph over 30 miles compared to about the same ride with 9 mph. Oh and the speed has been nuts.
I had almost the same experience. I rode the same cheap, shitty mountain bike I got for my birthday as a teenager until about a year ago, when someone in my shitty neighborhood stole the seat post and the lights off it. I took it to a shop, they told me it wasnt worth fixing, I walked out with a Kona Dew and never looked back!.
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