Specialized Sirrus

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  • Great for rides between 10-60km
  • Quality product and great for exploring trails and taking it on the road
  • Carbon fork, wide tires, and handlebar suspension smooth out the ride
  • On this, James the Bike Guy,
  • Very nice hybrid with disc brakes


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The Specialized Sirrus X 4.0 is One Heck of a Hybrid
Takeaway: This quick-handling, zippy hybrid offers a smooth ride on pavement and gravel.38mm-wide Pathfinder Sport tires have knobby sides for cornering and a flat strip down the middle for rolling fast on pavement.The carbon fork, wide tires, and handlebar suspension smooth out the ride.A wide gear...
2 months ago
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I converted my 10 year old Specialized Sirrus Pro with a BBS02B as I suffered knee damage while setting off at the lights on a hill (Physio thinks it's probably a slight torn tendon) so it was time to go electric so I could still cycle while healing. Anyway, I find myself in PAS mode 9 pretty much all of the time, and just fake pedal to get the motor going..its as if my legs are moving in slow motion, but the bike is going 20+Mph...its fun to say the least. My commute is 8 miles each way, and the 17.5ah battery can easily drag me there and back with about 48v left to go. I intend to lower the assist as the knee heals but I'm not sure that's a reality..
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Amazing fast hybrid (great for road and gravel)
Great bike for rides between 10-60km. Quality product and great for exploring trails and taking it on the road.
Alberto R.
1 year ago
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I had a 2012 Specialized Sirrus Comp (now stolen), which was excellent, but I’d love to get something a tad more upright (like a normal hybrid bike, rather than a fitness bike like the sirrus) and with any other comfort improvements (less stiff frame? I’m not sure what I’m looking for here. Not anything major like shocks, but I’m going to put a softer seat on it anyway).
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Good option of bicycle just for transportation for broke college student?
Honestly, if you’re only riding 4 miles you don’t need much. If it’s flat, a single speed could be perfect. I personally asked my local bike shop if they had any old rusty bikes sitting around to use as my grocery getter, they had a 2008 Specialized Sirrus (hybrid) that had been sitting there for 8 months and sold it to me for $75 plus the cost of a new cheap chain.
Specialized Bicycle Components Expands Recall of Sirrus Bicycles with Alloy Cranks Due to Fall and Injury Hazards
This expanded recall involves Specialized Sirrus X 3.0 and 4.0 bicycles model year 2021 and 2022. The prior recall involved 2019 and 2020 model year Sirrus, Sirrus X and Sirrus Sport bicycles. “Sirrus” or “Sirrus X” is printed on the top tube of the bicycle and the model name (e.g. “3.0”) is writte...
2 months ago
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Woman’s Bike
At the beginning of the pandemic I got my wife a Specialized Sirrus for $600. Very nice hybrid with disc brakes. She loves it so much that she’s already eyeing up some road bikes. I think it’s a great entry point for someone just getting into it
Great bike
I've had this bike a few weeks now, and bought it as my cousin has a 3 year old version.
I tried it and bought it immediately and for the price of £500 I felt it was going to be good value. I haven't ridden a decent bike for many years so having to get back into it needed to be on a bike that would...
Which Bike? Help!!!
Look at Trek FX, Giant Escape, Cannondale Quick, Specialized Sirrus, etc. If you have the budget, try to get the next model up from base that does away with the 7-speed freewheel in favor of an 8-speed cassette. MTBs are pigs on the road, road bikes are the most efficient (and *never* have a flatbar), hybrids are sorta in-between, but excel at nothing other than having the best utility for dollar.
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The future is now old man.
2018 Specialized Sirrus Disc, 42mm tires, B17 saddle with squishy post. I have some whisky drop bars, but I am trying to figure out my new group set and what I can reuse. Plan is to convert to a 1x10 or 1x11.



Alloy, 6-bolt disc


Pathfinder Sport, 700x42mm


KMC X8 w/ Missing Link

Rear Derailleur

MicroSHIFT Advent 8 Speed, W/O Clutch