Steelcase Series 1

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  • Made for tall people
  • Comfortable for long hours of work
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to assemble


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Don't be scared! (Long and honest review)
I work in an office where we have literally thousands of Steelcase Leap chairs. I've seen people abuse there's by spilling coffee, green smoothies, and yogurt on them. I've seen them used as step stools and used in 'chair races'. I've personally been using the same one for going on 4 years and I hav...
5 years ago
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First AppleWatch!! It’s only a 3 but you gotta start somewhere right?!
These things last for ages and work awesome all through. I had my series 1 until well after the 5 was released. Then I upgraded mostly because I had money to blow, not because I needed to. I hope you enjoy the hell out of it.
Regret not being able to try the chair before buying
I couldn't find this chair in a store to test out before buying (they had Leaps but not this model). But considering Steelcase makes good chairs in general and the high reviews here, I decided to order it without having tried it in person. Now I very much regret it. THE GOOD (let's start here) -4D A...
4 years ago
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Featured Product: Steelcase Series 1 - Scott Rice
Steelcase Series 1 with integrated LiveBack™ technology, adaptive bolstering and 4D-adjustable arms delivers ergonomic performance and quality uncommon to this class of seating. Designed with a lightweight, slim profile for today’s smaller office footprint, Series 1 offers uncompromising comfort and...
5 months ago
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I picked up a Steelcase Series 1 last week to use as a gift, but I was very unimpressed with it. I think it feels cheap and just just not that comfortable.
At first I loved it... Now a few months later...
When I first got this chair I loved it. I am 6'-0" tall and it is impossible to find a comfortable task chair for a tall person that won't break the bank. I really thought this was it. Now that I've had it and have used it for a few months, every day the chair slowly lowers the seat. It is totally u...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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Steelcase Series 1 Review: Our Take on It's Style and Comfort for the Price
Is the Steelcase Series 1 Worth It? Our Verdict So, you’ve seen how the Steelcase Series 1 fares in terms of quality, comfort, size, and style, but is it worth spending your hard-earned money on?
5 months ago
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Office chair that's not $1000+ ?
I bought a steelcase series 1 off eBay for $240 and am very happy. It was open box. Pretty sure no one even sat on it
Game Changer
This chair is so comfortable. I was working from home on kitchen chair and immediately ordered one of these to alleviate my back pain.
53 years ago
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Impractical to return`
This chair is fine in that it is well built and is a chair. It's too tall for me and hurts my legs but the shipping costs back are prohibitive especially along with the restocking fee. Just beware it's impossible to test for comfort before keeping it. Otherwise, I like the color and design and it's ...
dahlia k.
3 years ago
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Maximum Weight Capacity

400 pounds

Maximum Seat Height From Floor

21.5 inches

Minimum Seat Height From Floor

16.5 inches

Seat Width

19.5 inches