Steelcase Leap

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  • Great for back pain
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Good for work or home


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Chair is in Worst condition- premium seating is selling fake products!
Disappointed by chair condition. Armrest is peeling off paint on just touching it. Back is not stiff. Height adjustment does not work smoothly. Have to pull chair up with hands. And chair smells like shoe polish. See photo attached - paint peeling of on just touching armrest.
4 years ago
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Herman Miller Aeron - Working from home got more enjoyable lately
Very true, any high-end office chair tbh. Aeron, Embody, I recently got a second hand Steelcase Leap.
A high-end chair will last for years and offer you way better comfort. Your back will thank you too.
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Beware. These are not "open box" or "customer return" ...
Beware. These are not "open box" or "customer return" chairs. They are refurbished and reconstructed chairs. The fabric is much cheaper than original Steelcase fabric and the parts used to refurbish the chair are not genuine Steelcase parts. Just know that you are getting a sub-standard chair before...
Beverly Jones
5 years ago
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Steelcase Leap v2 Review: My Opinion 3 Years Later
The leap also has one of the most comfortable backrests and a lot of that comes down to again much like the seat.
5 months ago
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Best purchase for WFH
I got a used Steelcase Leap. It was about $400 I think and worth every penny. No more back pain.
The best office chairs in 2022: Tried and tested | CNN Underscored
” Overall, that’s how we’d have to summarize this chair, too. This chair received very low marks for its one-year warranty, and average scores for build, comfort and adjustability.
5 months ago
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A warning for those interested in Secretlab chairs… Avoid
Avoid "gaming" chairs in general. If you're short on budget and can't afford a good quality chair, you can find refurbished office chairs online or at office wholesalers. I'd recommend the Steelcase Leap or Gesture if you can find one at a good price.
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Brand new Leap bought directly from Amazon
Amazon is doing its customers no favors by mixing together reviews of new and refurbished chairs purchased from different sellers. The chair in this review is brand new and sold directly by Amazon. The price on Amazon is lower than most other places, but be aware that this is an expensive chair. If ...
Amazon Customer
2 years ago
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Steelcase Leap V2 Chair: Complete Review [Updated 2022]
This is especially true when comparing this chair to executive style chairs. Steelcase does actually sell an executive version of the Leap called the WorkLounge, with much thicker cushioning, a pillowed headrest and more cozy features. However, be aware: that model is very expensive!
Leaning mechanism is similar style to the Steelcase leap which allows easy recline. Herman miller style sort of propels you back once you stop applying pressure so it's nice. Rating: (7/10). Best feature: 4d armrests are nice and padded.


Maximum Weight Capacity

400 pounds

Maximum Seat Height From Floor

20.5 inches

Minimum Seat Height From Floor

15.5 inches

Seat Width

19.25 inches