Steelcase Amia

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  • Great for people who spend a lot of time in an office chair
  • Comfortable and sturdy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Low enough for people who are short
  • Good price


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NO more pain!
I had been having back pain and sciatica for several months. I traced it to my office chair. Went searching for something better and found this chair. First of all, I am 5'4" and most chairs aren't designed for short people. My former chair seat was hitting the backside of my knee so I tended to sco...
Carole A Whitcomb
3 years ago
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Is anybody already tried to add foam to a desk chair?
That chair is not very good, it's not smart to put $35+your labour because the end product it's still going to suck. If you don't want to spend much you should save and try to snatch a used Steelcase Leap or Steelcase Amia on eBay/Facebook marketplace/craiglist.
The Steelcase Amia Chair: an independently commissioned review - Smart Furniture Blog
Great style, great design, great price; that’s the Amia Chair by Steelcase. The Amia Chair was very comfortable.
Extremely adjustable, very comfortable.
Keep in mind I'm a 5'2 woman so I appreciated that I could sit with my back actually on the backrest instead of having to scoot all the way to the front so that my legs could touch the floor. The ability to adjust almost every aspect of the chair was appreciated and made it so comfortable I could fa...
2 years ago
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Steelcase Leap Chair and Steelcase Amia Chair Review
The Amia won a Gold in the ergonomic category in the Best of Neocon competition. I highly recommend this chair.” So there you have it
5 months ago
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Love it!!
Love it!!
Ellen G.
1 year ago
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Leap vs Gesture vs Amia
If this was a car it would be like an Accord or Camry being that it has more features and in the Steelcase line up it is placed above the Amia. Gesture, basically I can say the arms are nice, but I also know I lived with the Amia 4D arms for 3 years and these crazy arms isn’t like a revolutionary change. This chair is at the level of the consumers didn’t ask for this but now are given this opinion to have it.
Best office chair
This is a great chair, I would recommend this to anyone looking for all around support.
Mark R.
1 year ago
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Beautifully designed, firm and supportive chair
I wanted a solid chair that would look good in my home, and that would be comfortable during the long hours spent working from home. (I purchased this prior to COVID 19, and lucky that I did!) I chose this model because it was less expensive than some other Steelhouse models, and still had all of th...
2 years ago
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I considered another one, a Workpro 9000, but ultimately smartened up to the prevailing winds here and just put in an order for a remanufactured Steelcase Amia with extra foam through Crandall. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to this group for hosting a wealth of knowledge on the topic, I’m really looking forward to a proper chair. Stay healthy!.


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