Haworth Fern

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  • Great for people with back problems
  • Chair is solidly built
  • Some complaints about its durability and lack of customer service


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Very nice office chair, awesome customer service from Haworth
This is a solidly built chair with so many options that I'm still discovering them as I grow accustomed to it. My office mates all have Herman Miller Aeron chairs, but I personally cannot stand those things. They cut off the circulation in my legs and I can't sit cross-legged in them, so I had to fi...
Amazon Customer
4 years ago
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Haworth Fern vs Steelcase Leap Office Chair Showdown: Midrange Comfort vs Premium Comfort - Astonmet.com
Haworth Fern vs Steelcase Leap Office Chair Overall. The Fern may offer a longer warranty for a midrange chair.
4 months ago
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**Haworth Fern**. * The look of this chair caught my eye at first, it looked incredible from the pictures. (It also looks great in person lol). * Haworth store was easy to order their limited options from and the chair was easier to get out of the box since the sides lift off from the bottom.
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But embody did not give me any pains. Many owners complained about creaking noises but to me, it isn't an issue because I do not move around when I'm working. It has been a week and so far, the chair is really great.
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* **Haworth Fern**: This chair definitely looked better in pictures than it did in person. The design is cool but all the plastic just looks kind of cheap. To be fair, it was less than half the price of the Embody.
In the end I ended up pulling the trigger on a Haworth Fern and I do not regret it. I can sit on the Fern for hours. I’ve only had it for a couples days but I’d be happy to answer any questions. Tl;dr: good lumbar support, tons of of adjustability.
The title is pretty self explanatory, but I've returned both a Haworth Fern and HM Embody. I liked the Fern, but the seat was a little too firm and my butt started to get numb after a long day. I really liked the Embody at first but after a week I've noticed some really uncomfortable parts.
Like many of you I’m looking to replace my current chair with a new one. I’ve researched my options to the point of exhaustion and have settled on purchasing a Haworth Fern (no lumbar support).
Just got an Embody, how are you suppose to rest your back on it for best posture?
I had exactly the same feeling and finally, I've sent it back. Now trying Haworth Fern, but going to send it back too.
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