Specialized Allez Elite

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  • Great for riding all year round
  • Lightweight and comfortable frame
  • Balanced geometry with a more aggressive ride for criteriums
  • Retains the old geometry for a more aggressive ride
  • More versatile than the previous model


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Does the Specialized Allez Elite set the benchmark for a £1,000 road bike?
The overall effect of this balanced geometry married to a lighter, stiffer and more comfortable frameset is a bike which is far more well-rounded and finessed than its predecessor. The old geometry (which has been retained by the Sprint model) is still the one you want for a truly aggressive ride on...
3 months ago
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Because I was convenient to a bike shop and because I'd had to do a roadside tube replacement just a week earlier (puncture), I turned the job over to the professionals. This is an Allez Elite road bike on Roadsport 700-26c clincher tires labelled "Pressure 100-125.".
NBD! Goodbye Walmart bike, hello Specialized Allez!
I was lucky to spot this Specialized Allez minutes after it got posted and picked it up this afternoon. Such a noticeable upgrade on my very first ride. Shoutout to everyone at /r/whichbike who helped me filter through good and bad deals and encourage me to get this one.
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So I am finally in a position where I can replace my 2012 Specialized Allez Elite. It has served me well but it is time. I am currently registered to do IMMD and Eagleman this year, both of which are super flat and windy and I have done on my roadie. I was heavily considering getting a Tri bike as my next bike, but I moved last year and now I live a more hilly area.
6 months ago
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The decision I went for my second bike.
I gave it a test drive and man was it love at first ride. I rode around the block and it was mesmerizing.
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Anyone else use their gravel bike as their primary road bike too?
I had a Specialized Allez with 23mm tyres. My Garage got broken into and it got stolen so I bought a Cannondale Topstone 2 with 40mm tyres and a Redshift stem, based off comfort alone I dont think I could go back to my road bike. Like you said I spent more time constantly scanning ahead for anything that will make me fall off; meanwhile my gravel bike I don't watch for anything and got to do a cool gravel ride this week where I rode through a wetlands and saw Kangaroos, Swans and Pelicans - something I'd never experience on my Roadie.
New to Cycling
Ultegra (basically a lighter version of 105, pretty unnecessary especially for a first bike). Dura-Ace (This is way too expensive don't even bother lol). Tiagra is an amazing entry point if you really think you will stick with it, same with 105 if you can find one cheap enough used. Specialized Allez is a GREAT entry level bike, but really most major brands will have an amazing entry level bike from 800-1200 dollars.
For instance today I averaged 20.8 for 33 miles of a 50 miler, then we hit a nice uninterrupted straight, then held it at 24 and that was it for me could not get back up there. I am pretty sure my issue is that I'm am muscling through that first 35, and have nothing left once the muscles are done. I usually finish with a 60 something cadence, so I know I'm just grinding to hold 22+ speed, when I try to spin I just start gapping and my heart rate goes through the roof. For reference I've been riding about 10 months, I'm a big guy for cycling (6'0, 215) and I'm on an aluminum bike with 105 and everything is stock (Allez Elite).
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What's it like living with a folding bike?
Around the town it's pretty good. Even though it has suspension I still find its not as comfortable as my regular road/commuting bike without suspension. I've not needed to use it as a regular commuting bike. But have done around that kind of distance (~20km).
However, im finding that I have to choose 2/3 of my requirements. The bikes that are available in UK and im interested in are the Triban rc 540 disc road bike, as that has disc brakes and mostly shimano 105. The second bike is the specialized allez e5 elite road bike, which has a lighter weight but it has rim brakes. The third option is the cannondale caad13 105 rim brake road bike, which is reduced to my budget and is lightweight, but again, it has rim brakes.
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RoadSport, 700x26mm

Rear Derailleur

SRAM Rival 22, 11-speed


KMC X11 Extra Lightweight, 11-speed


Axis 1.0 caliper