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Triban RC520

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  • Great for commuting
  • Comfortable and quick
  • Good value
  • Tubeless ready rims
  • Shimano 105 gearing


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Triban RC520 Disc review
Triban RC520 Disc overall. Once I’d gained confidence in the tyres, the Triban’s ride proved very appealing. The gearing helps you cope with the weight when the road rears up, but what marks the RC520 loses in weight it more than makes up for in comfort, versatility and year-round practicality
2 months ago
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is this a good starting bike
As you're searching in Euros, I believe you live in a country where Decathlon is present. I'd push my budget a bit more and go for the Triban RC520. If not possible, this is not a bad bike by any means.
Triban’s Affordable Disc 105 RC 520 is a Great First Road Bike
The saddle is nothing special, about what I would expect at this price point: decent.
2 months ago
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NBD - First road bike (Triban RC 520 Disc)
Got this as my first road bike around 2 months ago (but didn't have a nice image until today) - a Triban RC520 Disc from Decathlon.
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Triban RC 520 Review || Should You Buy This Bike?
Actually, there's a lot of things I like about this bike. Um, probably the top two would be. uh, it's really well made in my opinion
2 months ago
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The best bike under $1k? Decathlon Triban 105 RC 520 Review - feat. Shimano 105 + TRP HY/RD
Overall Though the value of this bike is definitely an A+, you just don't find specs like these on a $900 bike. It really makes a entry-level bike a lot more premium. and even though the overall weight of the bike is a little bit heavy and has some negatives like the less responsive handling and wheels entire combination, I think it's a really great value
The Sweet Cyclists
2 months ago
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Looking for a good entry level road bike
I got a triban rc520 for 850€ earlier this year and i think it has decent value. Has 105 groupset, disk brakes (semi mechanical hydraulic). Its a bit heavy with around 10.4kg on the M size no pedals but I think its decent for a entry level road bike.
My first post in this sub. Not exactly a "gravel bike", but I love going down these trails. Location: Kolkata, India
I bought a Triban RC520 road bike about a month ago, not sure what model you have. I love the bike and plan to ride it about 50/50. The geometry is perfect for me, like the mostly 105 components and it can take a 36 or 38 tire, as it the same frame as their first gravel bike.
First Ironman on a Triban RC520 or any other bike recs around that price point?
Triban RC520 is great value. If you have money left over I would definitely consider buying some better tyres though, difference will be noticeable. Your only real alternative is to explore the used market where you would expect to get a carbon frame and decent groupset for your budget.
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Advice to purchase a new bike for 100km event
I recently got the triban rc520 and I have to say its been great. Its a nice entry level road bike with some 105 parts and disk breaks. The tire clearance is pretty good too so if you want to fit on some larger tires you pretty much have a gravel bike right away ;).


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