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Shimano Curado DC

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  • Great for beginners
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to use
  • Long casting distance
  • Good for saltwater fishing


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Top reviews

Great reel
This reel is great. You need to read the paperwork that comes with it. It explains how it has to be set up in order for it to work as it should. For instance as the guy who posted a 2 star said he had the brake setting at 4 and the tension set to a slow fall. Is not how it should be set up. The dire...
Looking for honest reviews before buying this combo.
I 100% agree with the Daiwa Tatula. I own a Curado DC and I bought my son a Tatula for 1/2 the price and in my opinion it’s a better casting reel.
Shimano Curado rocks!
Best reel I’ve ever owned!! Thing flies and he sound is awesome. No more bird nests!
1 year ago
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Buying First Baitcaster This is the One
If you can only buy one baitcaster the Curado DC is the one. I have bought many reels based on the hype but this one meets all the claims made. It is the longest casting baitcaster I own & only birds nest I have had was when the lure hit a tree. Will throw light worms with ease & hard baits a mile.
4 years ago
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Just Do It...It's Awesome
Had my eye on this for a while, and finally bit the bullet and bought the 151 DCHG, (left crank, 7:4.1). Worked it out for the first time kayak fishing yesterday on a good sized pond. The reel is paired with the St. Croix Mojo Bass Yak Rod (7 ft medium/fast). And spooled with Sufix Advanced Mono 14 ...
Grateful Fred
3 years ago
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Baitcaster Reel Under $250
Can’t speak for the others but I love my Curado DC. Plus it makes a great noise
Best Baitcasting Reel EVER or Overhyped? Shimano Curado DC Reel Review
Well there you have it. That is the SB Fishing Review on the Corrado DC I'm gonna leave a link for it down in the description below somewhere just so you guys can find it pretty easily. but again, it is on the higher end of you know, money-wise but it's something I Would highly recommend!
2 months ago
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Great Reel
I have owned just about every Curado ever made and so far this one has been the best. I have zero complaints. For the money, I have yet to find it's equal.
First expensive reel
Casts further and reacts better than any other bait caster I have tried. Also have had no serious birdnests so far
1 year ago
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Shimano curado k or slx dc
Also to dissent from the other poster, if you’re only choosing between those two reels, I’d get the Curado. The SLX DC essentially is a $100 reel with an expensive chip in it, which is exactly what it feels like to me.


Max Drag

11 lb


7.8 oz



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