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Shimano SLX DC

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  • Great for beginners
  • Not backlash proof
  • Expect a learning curve
  • Use heavy mono line
  • Super smooth


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Notes for Baitcaster beginners
For people new to baitcasters:
- this reel is not backlash proof
- expect a learning curve
- use heavy mono line. Add a lighter leader if you like.
- tape your arbor knot to the spool when installing the line.
- tighten the spool tension knob a quarter turn tighter than “no play“
- start off o...
1 year ago
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Perfect for the Spin-to-Baitcast transition
It stinks that this is the perfect "learning baitcaster" because its not in the entry level price range. But man oh man did this make going from spinning reels to bait casters so much easier. For a while, i would bring my baitcaster and two spinning rods on my kayak. Id use the baitcaster until i go...
Andrew J. Stlouis
3 years ago
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Reel selection Curato K, STx DC, or Tatula sv Tw103
If you are good with a casting reel, skip the DC and spend the money on one of the better reels. People always suggest the SLX DC, but in my opinion it’s nothing more than a $100 reel with a $100 chip that most of us don’t really need. For baits on the larger size I would go with the Curado K. If you lean towards smaller baits or finesse presentations, get the Tatula.
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Shimano SLX DC Casting Review
In conclusion, I'm going to give the Slx Dc another 9 out of 10. Just like the backpack, I think my first impression and my first, my first test. My first use was amazing
2 months ago
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This reel is just amazing.
This is by far the best budget friendly reel I have ever used. Plan to by at least 3 more. Great product
2 years ago
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Alien technology
Best reel in this price range. Super smooth. Like buttah. Dc breaking is like alien technology.
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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Pretty new to Fishing as a whole. But I’m looking to pick up my first Baitcaster combo, what do you guys think of this Rod?
So if you’re into Shimano, then this is the route. I have my shimano slx dc paired with a TFO TFD power 1 (think mini musky rod) and the reel is pretty versatile, the rods rated for 1/2-2oz but I’m still throwing weightless and 1/4 lures.
SHIMANO SLX DC LONG TERM REVIEW! Is it worth the money?
So my final verdict on the SOL Xdc is buy it. It's a tremendous reel that DC technology is awesome.
Fishhook Terry
2 months ago
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SLX DC or Curado K?
If you know what you are doing, skip the DC and get the Curado. While the DC feature is cool and has some benefits, I honestly don’t think it has helped me that much. Backlash was extremely rare for me before the DC anyway. The Curado will be better built and more refined overall than the SLX DC.
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Wonderful reel.
This is a wonderful reel for the money. The spool control on the SLX DC is not perfect, so it still requires some manual breaking with the thumb. So do not think the DC technology on these reels is magic. However, the DC feature still greatly reduces the need for thumb breaking and that results in l...
2 years ago
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