Abu Garcia Revo X

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  • Great for beginners
  • Good for catching bass, trout and panfish
  • Smooth operation
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and reliable


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My first rod that I’ve been using is an abu garcia 7ft 6-12lb Revo spinning combo which has a revo x 3000 reel. I’m running 6lb braid and 10lb fluro leader based on what I found on some YouTube videos on catching flathead and bream in my local estuaries. I am not in love with this setup just yet, so maybe I should give it more time with just this, but I was thinking of going for something that could take on heavier fish, maybe some beach fishing or fishing with live bait?.
This Reel is the best thing you can buy for the Money
This Reel is the best thing you can buy for the Money. Very smooth, easy to setup and best of all is after you set the drag and brakes you will not spend a minute fixing backlashes, the braking system works great!! Big difference from certain reels that I'm not gonna say the name (KK) all you do is ...
Big Moe
5 years ago
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Abu Garcia Revo X Baitcasting Reel Review *on the water* BEST UNDER $100
No this, this has a really smooth drag to where it comes out if it needs to and stays in.
Get Reel Bass Fishing
2 months ago
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Where are some options for left handed baitcast reels?
I would look at a curado, abu Garcia revo sx you can get a very quality reel for 100 your market is limited otherwise.... baitcasters under 100 perform so and with a bait caster having a subpar reel will cause more headaches then it’s worth... just my 2cents.
Best Bang for your buck
I've been using this reel for a couple months now and I haven't had any issues with it. The build quality is definitely there. I got this reel on sale for $75 so if you guys can be patient and just hold out for a sale, that would be my advice as alot of abu garcias go on sale here all the time. I pi...
Victor Pino
2 years ago
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I just received an Abu Garcia revo x reel from Cabela’s today. It came pre spooled with mono which is fine and all but the reel appears to be be used. There was also bits of grass in the box and plastic like someone bought it, tried it and returned it. I called Cabelas and advised that there was already line on the reel and it appeared used.
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A must buy
I have been using bait casters for a few years now and have caught lots of bass on them. Al my bait casters have been Kast king reels since they are cheap, or were, and i was a beginner. This is my first $100 reel and i will tell you it is worth every penny. It blows my kk assassin (which is defecti...
stephen b andreu
4 years ago
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Quarantine got me spending
Holy shit! I just made that same combo you have on the right for my first bait caster a week ago. Carbonlite 2.0 with an Abu Garcia revo x low profile reel. Love the weight and feel of the Carbonlite 2.0.
Very good reel for the money.
This is a very smooth reel handles y Abu Garcia. Their Revo line is top notch in my book. I own several and this is my workhorse. It cast very far and the adjustments are easy to set. You have three speed options with the Revo X: 5.4:1, 6.4:1, and 7.3:1. I highly recommend this reel.
Darrell M.
3 years ago
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Figure this would go great here! Ya know fishing gear and all!
Abu garcia revo 4 x, good reel for the money. Lew's classic pro speed spool, excellent reel for 60 bucks.



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