Shimano Tranx 200

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  • Great for snook and tarpon fishing
  • Cast like a dream
  • Salt water approved
  • Locks spool when casting
  • Thumb lock stays disengaged


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Best jig reel ever
This is the best reel I own, this thing casts far, can handle Heavy lures and is salt water approved. I used this reel for tube jigs, it’s a very durable and sensitive reel. 10/10
Matt Maneri
3 years ago
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My main setups, details in the comments
Shimano Tranx 200 / 6’6” St. Croix Premier MH: topwaters, xraps, that kind of stuff. Shimano Chronarch 200E7 / Falcon Bucoo ‘Trap caster’ lipless crank baits form 1/4-1/2 oz for peacock bass and large mouth. Occasionally throw some prop baits on it as well.
Purchased 2. One failed after a year
Both reels I purchased are maintained the same but one reel locks the spool when casting. Not every time but enough to be annoying. The thumb lock stays disengaged while the spool itself locks during casting then goes free spooling immediately after locking.
Dave Jones
1 year ago
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Shimano Tranx 200 300 400 Review | Salted Angler
Coreprotect waterproofing. Variable braking. Cons Shimano Tranx 200, Tranx 300 & Tranx 400 Alternatives
2 months ago
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Inshore Baitcasting Reel Help
I'd take the Daiwa over the Lew's any day. Also might want to look at the Tranx 200 & Daiwa Coastal 200HS. Cheaper than the SV and you can hold more line. I personally love my Coastal 200HS for salt water fishing
Is this a good place to start for a swimbait setup?
I would suggest a slightly bigger reel like the Daiwa lexa or Shimano tranx. But otherwise good stuff picked out.
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GrowDesignWorks Flag 170 thrown on shimano tranx 200xg
Tranx 200 is such a pleasant reel. Used the heck out of it last summer for light pike fishing with no issues.
Love it
Amazing, super smooth. Got it for the salt. The only thing I noticed is that the drag needs to be excessively buttoned down to fish my higher rated line( 20 and straight braid) but still, 200 size real for the price in my opinion. Yewww!! 🎣
1 year ago
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I’ve seen other people say there 200k can handle up to 4 oz but that doesn’t seem to be the case with mine, anything over 2-2.5 oz it feels underwhelming to say the least. And I could use a bigger spool.
great saltwater reel
Tranx are the most powerful reels for their size I have ever used. Cast like a dream
Jerry M
3 years ago
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