Sequential OB-6

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  • Great for beginners
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  • Affordable price point
  • A modern classic


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All around satisfaction!
This was a college graduation gift for my grandson who achieved an Audio Production Degree and is delighted with it. He uses it non-stop. Sam Ash was a delight to do business with as well.
Clare S.
1 year ago
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OB-6 - Sequential
To find out more about how each synth differs, view our Synth Comparison (pdf) Two Legends. One Instrument
The OB-6® is a once-in-a-lifetime collaboration between the two most influential designers in poly synth history, Dave Smith and Tom Oberheim. The OB-6 takes the classic bold Tom Oberheim soun...
3 months ago
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the super6, it’s my first big chungus synth (see comment)
especially since the sale price for music gear doesn’t go down for older stuff in the same way as, for instance, computer equipment. hell, they still sell the microKORG for pretty much what i paid for mine. i compared the prophet 6, the ob-6, the hydrasynth, matriarch, and others in this price range. but nothing pulled on my soul in quite the same way.
Great job Mr. Smith and Mr. Oberheim!!!
I've been an electronic music composer for over 30 years and lately have been getting back into good old-fashioned analog synths. I've always been partial to the Oberheim sound, but had a hard time justifying the price of a 30 year old OBXa or OB8 which could break down at any time and be very costl...
6 years ago
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Am I crazy for wanting to sell my OB-6 for a Take 5?
I would say yes. I wouldn't sell an OB-6. It is one of my dream synths and would love to have one. However, I would have to hear some more demos of the Take 5 before committing you to an asylum.
Going from a Prophet-6 to a Peak
That’s great! The key is finding the synth(s) that speak to you the most. That was the OB-6 for me.
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What is your most lusted after piece of gear right now.
For many synths that I have wanted to have a fling with, I’ve been able to fill those needs OR get it out of my system with soft synths (thank you, plogue - chipsynth md is great!) or I just moved on from wanting those sounds. But for the ob-6, every oberheim-like soft synth has not filled that need. I have three paid soft synths (yikes - I know, I know) and several free ones and it’s still hasn’t helped.
Best Synth EVER!!!!
Best synth I ever owned!
JP hardboiled
3 years ago
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New synth day - OB6!
Enjoy! I was never quite happy with the Pro08, but the OB-6 did exactly what I needed from day 1.
That being said, I'm a bit tired of it truthfully. My music style has definitely changed in the 3 years since I've owned it and I find myself not reaching for it as much lately, as it is definitely the brightest sounding synth I own. So when the Take 5 was announced a couple weeks ago for the $1299 price, I said, "hell, maybe I should sell off my OB-6 and buy the Take 5 instead."
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