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  • Great for sound design
  • Mod matrix is powerful
  • It sounds great
  • Easy to use interface


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Novation Peak Review
While I was reviewing the Peak the crew at Novation, as well as making great conversation about synthesizers and life in general, was always prompt with support and answers. This is a great company with a passion for music and technology and if you’re new to the Novation family you will find that they really value their customers.
3 months ago
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Surprisingly great synthesizer!
I’m very glad I took a risk and bought this synth. The promotional videos I saw (and heard) really did not give me any idea what this thing sounds like, but I wanted a poly synth, and what did sell me on risking a purchase was the technical info about the synth - FPGA based, no aliasing due to redic...
4 years ago
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Review: Novation Peak - Mixdown Magazine
All in all, this sleek and modern digital/analog hybrid is a gorgeous sounding synthesiser that emulates analog-sounding oscillators with ease and meshes the best of both analog and digital worlds into one box. Whether you want to create lush pads, dense leads or biting bass sounds, the Novation Peak should be at the top of your list for the sheer range of sonic prowess the unit is capable of. Head to Novation for more information
3 months ago
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**Novation Peak:**. It took me a while to warm up to the Peak - on paper it was amazing, but I hated the mod matrix and menu diving. I had to flip through several pages to find the setting I want, and it's extremely easy to accidentally change patch and lose any unsaved progress. It was only after adding other synths to my collection that I realized: I could completely ignore the mod matrix and most of the menus, and the Peak would still have a lot to offer.
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Novation Peak Summit firmware 2.0 adds new stereo options, effects, and more
So I’m particularly happy about the update. Novation Peak Summit firmware 2.0 update is available now as a free download from the Components page
3 months ago
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Waldorf Blofeld: Am I missing something?
Blofeld is much deeper, it has an extra filter and more filter modes, it has multi mode, it’s a Waldorf, the wavetables have higher resolution and it plays samples. Alternatively there are the shruthi/shruthi xt (which just has more knobs) and the Ambika by mutable inst (diy kits) they are quite similar (shruthi being mono) ambika is like up to 6 voices and has individual outs and you can choose your own analog filter as long as there’s a pcb for it (there are well over 5 different ones). Idk about the modwave, but that seems promising when it comes to wavetable synths. There’s also the Novation peak btw (bass station 2 filter and wavetable oscillators, I really liked it except it’s kinda menu divey at times.
great stand
Fantastic stand! I thought it would be a little more basic and made of plastic (because I didn't read the details when I ordered it) - but no, it is metal and has heft and strength. I love how you can use the stand 2 different ways depending if you like a slight verticality or a darn near upright.
7 months ago
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Let's just say that while I used to think it was incredibly powerful, now that I understand much more I find myself frustrated by in actual fact the lack of features (a rudimentary EG section, limited LFO capabilities, not much in the way of a mod matrix, etc.) For bass and leads I turn to my monosynths which I have more hands-on knob-per-function control and thereby more fun... for poly stuff I've picked up a few others including the Matrix1000 and Novation Peak, both of which are very powerful with great mod matrixes. And more recently I've dipped my toes into the modular world. That said, I've run out of space on my rack and the Minilogue is collecting dust.
Novation Peak Part 2 Review - Sonic LAB
If that's what you need, so that's it for this time. I hope you've enjoyed this review of Novation's peak overall great sense.
3 months ago
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Right now I'm using a Novation Peak. Love the sound, but it's more powerful than I need, and carrying a desktop unit + keyboard to rehearsals is profoundly annoying. Previously I had a Prophet Rev 2 - which I absolutely loved, but sometimes found a bit bright & 80s for the darker, more textural stuff we're doing.
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