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Arturia MicroFreak

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  • Great for beginners
  • Fun to randomly tweak
  • Unique interface
  • Monophonic synth in paraphony mode
  • Three Noise Engineering oscillators


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Sonic LAB - Arturia MicroFreak Hybrid Synthesizer Review
You will display this below, so it's not the cheapest of cheap, but it's still really pretty affordable for a para phonic for voice synth with all of this tonal possibility there in it. So I think, if you're looking to kind of expand your tonal palate a little bit, definitely something well worth checking out. That's it! Thank you very much for watching see you next time
3 months ago
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Your most fun equipment?
The Arturia Microfreak is such a gem. I love it dearly. I wish they’d give it a bigger version.
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A Great Sounding, Polyphonic, Multi-Engine, Innovative Synth
I'm going to get one thing out of the way here from the start. Yes, this can be a fat - sounding monophonic synth. However, in paraphonic mode, it can also be a 4 note POLYPHONIC synth that doesn't lose much of the fatness and quality. Why Arturia tried to downplay the polyphony on this synth astoun...
Amazon Customer
3 years ago
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Get Your MicroFreak On: The Story Of An Unconventional Instrument
First, they all have a USB port and update capability, but also that they are designed with a database in mind, for the most part.” This is great news, considering that we’ve already gotten a vocoder and three Noise Engineering engines in firmware updates. Lastly, Rochard wants to know what kinds of synthesizer engines you’d like to see arrive in future updates
3 months ago
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Arturia MicroFreak Review | Hybrid Synthesizer
Dice: When Dice is selected, using the touchstrip randomizes your sequence by the amount you choose, letting you find inspiration from the unexpected. It’s divisive, certainly. But it’s also pretty forward-thinking, and puts the ‘freak’ in the Arturia MicroFreak synthesizer
3 months ago
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Arturia MicroFreak Review
Arturia MicroFreak Review Final Thoughts. How could you not want one of these with so much packed into such a small space? The small space is only matched by the small price ticket. We are still in awe of the various oscillator modes and the versatility in the sound they offer
3 months ago
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What's the state of the art in (non-VA) digital synthesizers?
* Arturia Microfreak, unusual touch interface and a wide variety of engines including vocal synthesis and noise (mostly from the modular world). * Sample based stuff from companies like MPC, ELEKTRON etc. * Tasty chips GR-1 for a nice implementation of granular synthesis. In terms of what is truly new, I think software, analog, hybrids or modular is where the action is.
Don’t MicroFreak out, but we did a thing with Arturia
Arturia makes a very cool little keyboard called the MicroFreak. We think it’s pretty nifty. So nifty that as of today, you can get three Noise Engineering oscillators for it!
Noise Engineering firmware for the MicroFreak?
Yes. You read that correctly.
MicroFreak, by Arturia. It’s a v...
3 months ago
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Arturia MicroFreak review and First Test - Matthew S
Besides, the pitch bend strip is on the wrong side for me.
3 months ago
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new approach to a synth. makes weird noises.
weird to use the capacitance keys at first, but quickly you discover a fun new way to play. fun to randomly tweak
nolan b
1 year ago
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