Seiko Presage

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  • Great for the price
  • Good quality movement
  • Unique design and dials
  • Solid case construction
  • Comfortable to wear


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[Seiko] SRPE43 Manhattan - dressy for $250.
I feel as though these Presage releases weren't very popular upon release, probably due to the 4R movement instead of a 6R, and the fact that they have a hardlex crystal instead of sapphire. However, these were never really deal-breakers for me, and as far as accuracy, it's been averaging about -8spd, which isn't bad at all. It's been my go-to piece lately for work, as I really love the 38.5mm case size. I ditched the black leather OEM strap for a tan leather, which I feel compliments the dark navy dial much better.
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[Seiko] Treated myself to my first “proper” watch as a celebration for finishing my Masters degree
I’ve owned some designer watches in the past, all of which were birthday/Christmas gifts, but this watch is the first “proper” watch that I have bought for myself. This is the Seiko Presage “Japanese Garden” SRPC79J1. From the moment I first caught a glimpse of it online, I immediately knew it’d be my first purchase.
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[Seiko Presage] Just got my very first brand new Automatic Watch! What do you guys think?
I love its simplicity and elegance. It is lustrous as well depends on the lighting. The presage line is one of the greatest watches ever made by Seiko and thank you for making one for ladies.
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[Seiko Presage] A beautiful gift from my SO
Watch: Seiko Presage SRPD37 (40.5mm) with Automatic movement. This watch was a gift from my girlfriend and I am absolutely stunned by the dial in different lighting. The starburst outwards looks black and grey indoors but as soon as it’s hit by direct light a beautiful evergreen color shines through. I can’t stop looking at my wrist today with the beautiful spring weather outside.
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[Seiko] Hands down the most beautiful dial I’ve even seen on any watch
Just received the Seiko Presage SPB169 and I'm absolutely stunned at the quality of this watch. Many people have been complaining about Seiko's recent price increases as they have been making a move upmarket but the brand is still shooting way above their price point and this piece is a perfect example of that. The SPB169 is a part of the Sharp Edge collection where Seiko harkens back to some more of their traditional case designs.
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[SOTC] half a decade into the watch hobby
OMEGA Aqua Terra “SKYFALL” 38.5mm - This watch is my first luxury watch, I started this watch hobby with the Seiko Presage “Blue Moon”, I don’t know what it is about blue dials.. but I have an obsession with blue dials and upon seeing this teak patterned blue dial.. it was love at first sight. Surprisingly enough this iterations of the Aqua Terra is super sought after by collectors due to the silver framed window at 3’ o clock and Ive gotten plenty of offers for it, but I just couldn’t let it go.. OMEGA Seamaster 300 “SPECTRE” - This watch was and still is my GRAIL for the longest time, the “0 to 11” bi directional bezel as well as the lollipop seconds hand really made this watch stood up and in my opinion the best looking Bond watch that Omega have to offer. Long story short ; When meeting up with the person at a bank for a F2F full cash transaction, I remember clearly when the security guard got curious and asked if it was a Rolex to which I responded an Omega.
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[Grand Seiko] Never thought I’d buy a luxury quartz, but boy was I wrong.
I had purchased a new Seiko Presage just over a year ago, direct from Japan. Recently I discovered that there was something wrong with either my power reserve or the crown, because it was stopping after less than a day (should be a 3-day reserve and usually stayed on a winder) and was refusing to tick even after a full manual wind. I took it in for servicing to a local Seiko AD, and he informed me that my warranty card had not been filled in.
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[Help] Recommendations for engraved watches? (birthday present for my son)
Seiko presage, citizen eco-drive, seiko 5, orient. Try those brands/lines. Probably the best bang for your buck in terms of quality and aestheticism. For the engraving part, I would just go to your local jewellers.
[SOTC] Filled My First Box
It goes with just about anything business casual. Seiko Presage SRPC99: I really fell for the dial on this one.
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[Question] New to watches
Orient dress watches, Seiko divers, Hamilton field watches are the best basic ones. Then comes Seiko presage dress, Longines (column chrono is great value for money, new green conquest diver looks amazing), Sinn and a lot of other brands. My suggestion would be to go in for brands that have at least a 10+ year history - avoid the really new micro brands. The buying guides on this sub are quite informative.
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40.5 mm

Band Width

20 mm

Water Resistance

50 m

Case Material

Stainless Steel