Omega Aqua Terra 150M

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  • Great for everyday use
  • Keeps time well
  • Does not scratch easily
  • Looks good
  • Comfortable


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What to Know Before Buying the Omega Aqua Terra
Considering adding an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra to your watch collection? Here is a rundown of what you should know about the watch from its design history to its movement to its role in sports and pop culture.
The Aqua Terra sports a design that calls back the dressy design of the original 1948 S...
[Omega] I finally did it!
So after about two years of researching a ton of different watches, I kept coming back to the Aqua Terra as the one watch for me. It’s so subtle, yet elegant. I love the dial and the case, and the way that the lugs hug your wrist. The dial practically changes colors based on the light.
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[Tudor BB 36][Tudor BB GMT][Omega Seamaster 300] Need help with gift to myself for completing studies and landing job.
It’s a great GADA watch in that price range and you will have money left over to buy a couple of straps as well to dress up or down. If you are considering buying pre-owned, you should also consider an Omega Aqua Terra. Nothing wrong with buying used as long as you buy from a reputable source.
[SOTC] Current collection + next purchase advice
I jumped at the opportunity even though I didn't necessarily have this on my radar at the time. I agree with the sentiment that goes around saying that this is a near perfect watch.
[Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 38.5mm] Just got one of my grails (and my first luxury watch)
The looks, the case size, the specs (150m water resistance, co-axial escapement with 60 hour power reserve, and anti-magnetic >15,000 gauss), it was just perfect for me, but I could never justify the price-tag. For a long time I went back and forth between lower priced alternatives such as the SARB033 and the Tissot Gentleman Powermatic 80- I even considered purchasing a fake AT (very glad I didn't), but I figured the wait would be well worth it and put the money I had allocated for one of those pieces toward the Aqua Terra. I finally hit what I needed for this piece around Christmas, and found this beautiful example (and the exact one I wanted) on Watchuseek on Christmas day. I have always been drawn to Swatch Group watches, my grandfather was from Basel, Switzerland and always wore a 50's/60's all-gold Eterna Matic 3000 (Eterna created ETA in 1932), which I hope to inherit, and my first mechanical watch was a white Tissot Visodate Heritage.
[one watch] You get one watch and it can’t be a Rolex or Speedmaster. What do you choose?
If I’m buying, an Omega AT. If it’s not my money, then a Lange datograph perpetual calendar in platinum.
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[SOTC] My three watch collection - Omega, Grand Seiko, Zenith
So it was tough to find a great chronograph in a small package (I prefer modern-manufactured watches, not vintage). Well this checks all the boxes and looks fantastic on any NATO and sporty racing straps.
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[Omega] The watch I intend to give to my newborn son in 18 years
This is an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150M (, 38mn with a blue dial. It comes with a blue leather strap but I decided to go with a brown alligator leather strap to give it a little vintage feel (like the old Seamasters). I purchased it with the idea that I could give it to my son someday (for its 18th birthday, or something like this), it's a good watch that I know will last for a few decades. Hopes this makes 500 characters!.
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[Tissot] Chronometer on a Budget
The watch is 40mm with 20mm lugs and fit my 17cm wrist perfectly. The Bracelet has a butterfly-clasp and is amazing to wear.For €550, the value within this watch is second-to-none in my opinion.
[Omega] My everyday companion
I had the option of purchasing the same watch with a black dial. However, the orange details used for the seconds hand and strap pushed in favour of this one. I personally see this watch as the perfect everyday wear since it’s ideal for wearing it either with a suit or casually at home.


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Up to 50 meters

Case Material

Stainless steel