Tudor Black Bay 58

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  • Great for everyday use
  • A lot of features for the price
  • Watch is a good size and not too big or small
  • It comes with an impressive range of case materials, colors, and dials


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After all, the Fifty-Eight was the watch of 2018, and packed full of vintage charm, it is the perfect modern addition to the vintage collector's watch box. Follow Andy Green at andygreen.com or Instagram @andygreenlive
2 months ago
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[Tudor] Picked up my first nice watch today
I've been into mechanical watches for several years, and I've bought and sold serveral affordables, but I've been wanting a *nice* watch that fits me well and is one that I will want to keep for a long time and pass on to my son. Several months ago, browsing youtube, I came across a video of a man's bad experience with his AD over a Black Bay 58, and that watch really caught my eye. I then watched a ton of. video reviews and knew that it could be what I've been looking for.
[Tudor] Black Bay 58
I have always been interested in Tudor Black Bay 58. Walked into the AD on Friday just for fun but never thought that I would actually be able to see one. Right before the store closed the sales person let me know that they had just gotten one. Tried it on and instantly fell in love with the form of the watch.
[SOTC] Confessions of a True Watch Degen
Tudor Black Bay 58 Black – What can I say I love divers. The black one is on the chopping block with the sub acquisition. Too similar. Panerai Radiomir Titanium PAM 338 – Another “any excuse to buy a watch” commemorative piece after getting engaged.
[Tudor] BB58 in rainy Tokyo
Well... After just over a year of love with a Speedmaster Pro I happened to turn 35 in the same week that a Black Bay 58 finally popped up on steel with my local AD. My wonderful wife suggested it would make an excellent birthday present, and who am I to argue. 8 weeks on and it’s barely left my wrist in that time; I’ve not even been tempted to put a leather strap on yet.
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[Oris] Divers 65 with the new Caliber 400
All that said, once I got a clear look at the watch, I really liked it. I was always fond of independent Oris, especially their divers 65. The only thing stopping me from getting one was the idea of saving a bit more money to get a Black Bay 58. However, when I saw the case dimensions and the specs of the new movement, the two watches seemed much more comparable.
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[Tudor] Gift to myself for starting my own business
Thought it would be time to take the hobby to the next level by getting my first 'luxery' watch and have this watch as a milestone in my life. Been wanting this Black Bay 58 for a while. Was a big fan of the 41mm Black Bay, but as I have tiny wrists, this wasn't an option for me. When the 58 got released I knew I had to get it.
[SOTC] Current collection + next purchase advice
**Tudor Black Bay 58:** I got super lucky with acquiring this watch. This was back for when the demand for this watch was at its peak. The SA at an AD I never purchased from accidentally called me saying this watch was available when he thought I was another customer. I jumped at the opportunity even though I didn't necessarily have this on my radar at the time.
[Cartier Santos] First luxury watch!
My job requires me to wear a suit five days a week (at least before Covid-19) so I didn’t want to get a diver (I do think that the Black Bay 58 is the best value watch on the market). I originally decided on the Tank Américaine but I felt that the Santos is a watch I could wear on the weekends as well. The technology to quickly change the bracelet and the links are extremely convenient (though it sucks I can’t use third party straps). I ended up with the medium size for my slim 6.25 inch wrists and I think it is a perfect fit.
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[SOTC] State of the collection
Also wear it to the gym, squash, etc - super useful. JLC master ultra thin moon - wanted one of these since 2012, finally found a used one at a very reasonable price so bought it last month. Very pretty watch indeed. Think I've got most bases covered, might add a Hamilton intra matic panda chrono and/or a tudor black bay 58 gilt because its so pretty, I know I'd be doubling up on the submariner types but hey.


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