Roland Juno-106

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  • Great for beginners
  • Menu diving isn't bad once you get used to it
  • Watch the tonne of reviews on YouTube, and you'll be impressed
  • All new Analogue Renaissance voice chips
  • Juno 106 is as beautiful as it is delicate


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Do you guys recommend me get this deepmind 12?
It's a Juno 106 on steroids. The menu diving isn't bad once you get used to it. Watch the tonne of reviews on YouTube, and you'll be impressed.
I'd get this over a Prologue or Peak.
Roland Juno 106 Service Packages - Bell Tone Synth Works
It will give a new vibrance and brightness to the sound of your synth. Many vintage Juno 106es have at least a few issues with their panel controls, and some have quite a lot! These most often include buttons that are unreliable, hard to press or that double trigger and sliders that are noisy and cause sudden jumps in parameter values (jitter) due to being dirty. Our comprehensive front panel service package both eliminates and preempts the most common front panel control issues and includes the following:
Is It Worth It: Roland Juno-106 | The Classic vs. Behringer Deepmind 12 vs. Roland JU-06A
It's it's pretty basic, so the amount of sound sculpting that you can do with it is limited. It does have a great layout. It's really easy and intuitive to use, and it's a lot of fun, but if you're on, if you're, trying to figure out how to build out your your uh, your arsenal of sound, i don't know if i would say the 106 is a great investment
Alamo Music Audio Lab
3 months ago
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When you find a near mint juno106 on craigslist, it was meant to be!
Nice! I got my near-mint Juno-106 on craigslist too, for like $750 USD. This was back in 2011 though, when everyone was busy snatching up Juno-60s and not paying attention to 106s. Can't believe what they go for now.
little Juno junior😎
As a owner of a juno 106 i can say good choice. Obviously the 80's gears have their charm, but the new replicas in my opinion are better as they break much more difficult. The juno 106 is as beautiful as it is delicate.
The Roland Juno 106 In Action
Then you can add, for example, some LFO here, which is okay. If you don't suffer from seasickness and also the range, if you want, you, can instead select the sawtooth or even both, but the game-changer on the Juno 106 is that you have a sub oscillator check it out yeah.
Doctor Mix
3 months ago
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Is it worth choose vintage synth?
All sounds are achievable just by tweaking knobs without any software and that's important for me. Also are amazing for learning synthesis and the lack of super advanced functions and effects really help to learn deeply your synth. But, you should consider that replacements are usually hard to find and maintenance is sometimes costly. I love my juno 106 but the maintenance is a headache.
Alternatives to the Juno-60
As someone who has owned all these: Deepmind is not a terrible a budget option, but is nowhere near as nice as a 106. DSI Prophets are nice - the Prophet 08 is a bargain right now, but not really the same sound as a Juno. The 60/106 is one of the best synths ever made and is a classic for a reason. Limited, but super musical and very easy to dial in great sounds.
What was your first synth?
Can't believe it took so long for this synth to be appreciated. Maybe it was because of the skyrocketing cost of the Juno 106...
A portable synth or gear to compose music
He has no idea if they still work or not and has not used them since at least two decades. I was quite surprised to hear that those are Roland Juno-106 and Roland D50 lol 👀. He will give me the synths when I’ll visit them, no idea if those still work or not.
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