Nemo Dagger 2P

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NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent Review
The NEMO Dagger OSMO 2P Tent is a spacious freestanding double-wall tent for two people that is lightweight enough for backpacking but roomy enough for other camping adventures. Designed for two people, it has two doors and two vestibules, including 1 optional mini-mudroom called a landing zone to k...
3 months ago
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Couples sleeping systems?
Nemo dagger 2p and two sleeping bags that can be zipped together or separate and two nemo tensor pads. I have a nemo pillow and he has a sea to summit pillow. It’s a fairly new set up but seems to work well for now
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NEMO Dagger 2 Review: Best Backpacking Tent Review - Gear Hacker
With lightweight poles, you do run the risk of snaps or breaks, which some reviewers have noticed in heavier winds. It goes without saying that all tents need to be handled with care if you want them to last, however, NEMO does offer a lifetime warranty for their tents should any issues arise.
3 months ago
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This is the real deal
You get what you pay for, generally. I bought this for my son after we were both disappointed in other tents....mostly due to rainy campouts. This ultralight is simple to set up and take down but more importantly, it protects you from the elements. Worth every penny.
Yakama Slim
1 year ago
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* Nemo Dagger 2p: I really like the tent and I feel like it would be a good compromise but maybe there is something better out there. * MSR Hubba Hubba: Seems like a solid tent but I'm not sure if it's big enough to fit 2 people plus eventually a baby. * Big Agnes Copper Spur 3: The only thing that's keeping me from getting it is basically the price and some durability concerns. Also it seems to not be available anywhere at the moment.
lightweight tent for 2p + Baby
dog and our 50L bags. It worked well for us and there was still room for our pillows, etc. but just know it's not a very wide tent overall.
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Amazing lightweight tent
First and foremost, this is an amazing tent for one person and their dog. Unless you're intimate lovers this isn't a tent for two. One person and a dog are comfy inside. It could fit two people snuggly, but again, you'd have to be intimate to feel comfortable. It is ultra-fast to set up and take dow...
William Reed
2 years ago
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Which new tent?
tents have come a LONG way since 2003! i suggest you check out some models with an inner mesh tent and separate rainfly which handle ventilation and condensation very well. mid-range examples would be the Marnot Tungsten and Nemo Dagger
Great tent
This tent has plenty of room and is extremely light. I love it and would recommend it to anybody.
3 years ago
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Deliberating on a double wall, 2p, lightweight tent through REI - help me with choices
I was torn between the Copper Spur and the Nemo Dagger 2P tent. I’m tall, so I went with the Dagger, but both are excellent tents. If you want lighter, but also more fragile, you can look at the Platinum or Hornet lines for Big Agnes and Nemo.


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