MSR Hubba Hubba

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  • Great for two people
  • Lightweight and compactable
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Sturdy and reliable


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MSR Hubba Hubba 2 Tent Review
While it’s not the lightest, two-person double-walled tent you can buy today, its 2 lb 14-ounce trail weight strikes an excellent balance between comfort, livability, and ease of use.
3 months ago
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Replaced the shock cord on my tent and now the poles feel good as new. Cheap, easy to do, wish I had thought of it earlier.
It’s pretty easy, I have a MSR Hubba Hubba that’s about 6 years old. Picked up a replacement shock cord from MSR for about $20.
Went on a multi-day hike and the version of the hammock I have is WAY too heavy (e.g. compared to my 2 person - MSR hubba hubba nx). Personally, I start with heavier, tougher gear to try it out and then spend more if I keep using it (got a good deal at the start of covid). Started looking around for a lighter hammock, and find it overwhelming... e.g.
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Customer Service and new Hubba 2p tent
I reached out to MSR after using this tent on the AT. This was back in April. I have yet to receive an email or call back for service/correction of the issues with this tent. I have always liked MSR but this is experience with both the tent and customer service is making me wonder if they are the co...
Matthew D.
3 months ago
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Excellent in bad weather for one person
After 20 nights or so in the BWCA in all types of weather, this tent has quickly become my favorite. Lightweight and compactable, it is easy to stow away for travel between campsites. The tent has withstood strong winds, heavy rain, and cold temperatures. It will fit two people and the entrances/ves...
2 years ago
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MSR Hubba Hubba NX - On sale at REI, didn't plan on spending the money and was browsing tents while I was picking up the Tensor and got into a chat with an employee about the MSR vs Copper Spur UL 2 being out of stock everywhere, they sold me on the discounted MSR being a good choice. UGQ Outlaw Hybrid Quilt - 30F, 950FP Long Wide. Super excited to get this bad boy.
MSR Mutha Hubba NX 3-Person Tent Review
The Bad. THE CONDENSATION | The MSR Mutha Hubba NX struggles a bit with condensation when using the rainfly (especially when sleeping three people). The mesh breathes fine on its own, but if you're expecting weather and need to use the fly, you can expect some condensation inside come morning
3 months ago
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I'm convinced that almost all negative tent reviews are due to people not knowing how to set up a tent.
A couple of years ago I bought an MSR Hubba. The fly has points for attaching pullouts, which clearly are necessary to get the fly away from the body for raindrip and ventilation, as well as making a nice taut pitch.
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Good all around 2-person backpacking tent!
I have two of these tents, and have used them for backpacking in Sierra's, Teton's, and Glacier NP... Total use is probably 30+ nights, and they are still holding up well. Mostly fair weather, but I did have a couple rain events. They are easy to set up (even the deer in the pic shown can do it!), a...
Fredonyer it is!
4 years ago
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* MSR Hubba Hubba: Seems like a solid tent but I'm not sure if it's big enough to fit 2 people plus eventually a baby. * Big Agnes Copper Spur 3: The only thing that's keeping me from getting it is basically the price and some durability concerns. Also it seems to not be available anywhere at the moment. * Big Agnes Tiger Wall 3: I'm a little on the fence about it not being a freestanding tent and the durability.


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