Meris Enzo

Meris Enzo

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Great versatility with four different synth modes
Powerful filter section
Range of voices from minus two octaves below to plus two octaves above
Expression and MIDI jack offer a wide range of control options
Can enhance tone when mix is kept low
Not edged for poly mode tracking issues
Volume spikes may occur without a compressor
Not all users may find it to their liking or needs


Overall, the Meris Enzo receives high praise for its versatility and range of synth modes. Some users have noted tracking issues in poly mode, but this can be mitigated with a compressor. The expression and MIDI jack offer a wide range of control options, and the pedal plays well with other pedals in a chain. Many users have found the Enzo to be a game-changer in their pedal collection, and it has reignited their interest in exploring new sounds.


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