McIntosh MA252

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  • Great for the price
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Old meets new McIntosh styling
  • Autoformers for speaker loads
  • Tubes in the preamp stage only


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Review: McIntosh MA-252 - Son-Vidé blog
Conclusion. Adaptable, solid and refined, the McIntosh MA252 makes speakers sing with ease. The listening experience is unique, and there isn’t any need to be an avid audiophile to enjoy it
4 months ago
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New set up with Proac and creek audio
Overall I am happy with my system but looking to add a more powerful integrated like mcintosh ma252 if I can get one with a decent discount in US. Before my creek audio I had a Unison Research tube amp that sounded amazing but my kids are attracted to tubes glow like rabbits and they had to go. I wish I bought the creek 100's but it is in the past now. I am also looking for a streamer for better integration with spotify as the whole family is using it.
MCINTOSH MA252 Review « TOP NEW Review
The coup de grace is the superb acoustic of the venue and the quality of the DG recording itself, both revealed perfectly by the MA252. When we wanted to test the tonal accuracy of the McIntosh MA252 with piano, the recording we played first was a favourite, Helene Grimaud’s recording of famous works by Bach (titled ‘Bach’) in the original and in transcription. Normally we like our J
4 months ago
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So the office is reaching the final form. Its been a month, made some changes.
It is so clean that combined with the Focal tweeters it can get very detailed. It is like I got a whole new pair of speakers when I removed the temporary marantz receiver. I knew it was going to be a good move but was surprised regardless. I struggled a lot with the choice between the Hegel and the McIntosh MA252 but with the value retention of Hegel I can sell or trade in a couple of years and do ok.
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McIntosh goes hybrid for MA252 integrated amplifier
New York's high-end audio company McIntosh has announced its first hybrid integrated amplifier, the MA252. The all analog amp's retro looks are a design nod to the company's iconic MC275 Vacuum Tube Amplifier, but only the preamp stage uses tubes – the output stage rocks solid-state circuitry.The MA...
4 months ago
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Multitest: Seven integrated amplifiers 5000 - 6500 euro - Page 4 of 9 - Alpha Audio NET
Tubes... yeah, sure. But in the case of the McIntosh MA252 only in the pre-amp. The power amplifier is still made up of transistors. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t look cool... if green tubes are your ‘thing’, of course.
About the heritage of McIntosh, we can be brief... it’s impressive. The brand has 70 ...
4 months ago
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r/audiophile Shopping, Setup, and Technical Help Desk Thread
McIntosh MA252 has a phono stage so I don't see the need to upgrade that. Speakers I'm looking to upgrade to either some Sonus Faber or Focal 3-way (or 4) floor standers. Honestly, this sounds pretty good to my untrained ears now, but I know I can always improve. Which part of the chain should be upgraded first?.
McIntosh MA252 Review - Hifi Chicken - Hifi Reviews
The McIntosh MA252 is somewhat an exception to this rule. It comes in at a MSRP of $3499. Don’t get me wrong, 3500 bucks is a lot of cash for a Hybrid amp, but not a lot for a McIntosh one
4 months ago
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r/audiophile Shopping and Setup Help Desk (2020-11-25)
I got a mcintosh ma252 integrated thinking that for SURE it would outperform the elex-r, but I was blown away by how boring the phono stage was. Zero attack. Even my wife who doesn't care about sound noticed that vs the rega, the music sounded like it was being played in "foam world". Unbalanced inputs sound gorgeous though, using the Cambridge as a source.
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Dave's Faves - McIntosh MA-252 - Audio Emporium
Hence MA-252 doesn’t have the problems that are invariably associated with tube amps. I like the CHOICES Mac made on the MA-252.
4 months ago
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Supported Formats

Supports DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256 files

Total Harmonic Distortion

0.005% maximum from 20Hz to 20kHz

Signal To Noise Ratio



8 Ohms