Audiolab 6000A

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Lackluster sound
My boom box level Denon m38 amp blows Audiolab out of the water. That little Denon box is rated 6 ohms, and drives Dynaudio Emit10s like a dream. I returned Audiolab, NAD, Yamaha amps almost immediately. (Kept the NAD CD player, which brings an absolute improvement to the overall sound). I wanted to...
1 year ago
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Magnepan .7
(Driven by an Audiolab 6000A Play integrated amp sitting on a dual-purpose kitchen chair / amp stand.). First impressions have been very good. They definitely punch above their weight.
First setup ft. Will Smith
Amp is Audiolab 6000a. Turntable is a Rega Planar 2. Thankfully I don't have a neighbour on the other side of this wall and the speakers don't rumble the floor so hopefully my downstairs neighbours don't hear too much.. Hopefully when I get a house I'll have a room to turn into a listening space and purchase some upgrades but for now this is perfect.
Audiolab 6000A Best Review In 2022 | Zero To Drum
Verdict. It may not be as incredible as the all-analog Regia Brio, but Audiolab’s A6000 is a useful amplifier.
4 months ago
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New Amp Week - Audiolab 6000a w/ Node
Found a great deal on a new Audiolab 6000a so I decided to upgrade from my Powernode 2i. I also purchased the new 2021 Node as I enjoy the streaming functionality of BluOS. Overall I am very happy with the upgrade. First of all the Audiolab pre-outs brought my SVS sub to life it seems.
This amp is resolving and
This amp is resolving and transparent for the cost. It beats all the other amps around that price.
8 months ago
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New House - New System
System is an Audiolab 6000a integrated amplifier, with Q Acoustics 3050i floor standing speakers. The source is a Cambridge Audio CXC CD-transport running into the DAC on the amp. Sounds good so far, more transparent than my old system, but a bit bright and I was expecting a bit more impact from the bass from the speakers. I’m assuming they will bed-in over time, as I have only just setup and started listening today!.
Audiolab 6000A Integrated Amplifier: Review
Conclusion There has never been a better time to look for an integrated amplifier; the competition below $2,000 is filled with a lot of great sounding products from NAD, Cambridge Audio, Rega, Marantz, Schiit Audio, Heed, Pro-Ject, and Audiolab. Figuring out which one to buy depends on your long-term needs and the type of loudspeaker you prefer. For its asking price, the Audiolab 6000A is a remarkable component that delivers excellent sound quality, build quality, functionality, and the composure to comfortably drive large floor-standing loudspeakers with any genre of music you might throw at it
4 months ago
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My "I'm working away from home and miss my stereo" set up
Easily the best headphones I've ever had, much better bass extension and detail than my Grado SR80s. They sound amazing plugged into my Audiolab 6000a and sound fantastic with this DAC running Tidal.
AUDIOLAB 6000A Review: Awesome Audiolab « TOP NEW Review
Bluetooth measured 99dB EIAJ dynamic range as is common and flat frequency response to 20kHz, so worked very well. The Audiolab 6000A measured well in all areas except its digital input. Here it’s fine for CD but not for top hi-res results
4 months ago
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