NAD 3020

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  • Great for musicality
  • Deservedly one of the hi-fi greats
  • One of the most musical amplifiers ever built
  • In NAD lore, "30
  • Introduced in the late 1970's


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The NAD 3020 and My Quest for the Holy Grail: Exit to Vintage Street
Quest Over: My precious. NAD 3020 in her new home.
4 months ago
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New Speaker day!
Have just made the switch from my KRK powered studio monitors to the combo of this NAD 3020 and AR38s speakers handed from from my old man. Speakers required re-foaming but for $150 all in I’m a happy man! They sound fantastic and I’m sure my neighbors agree. Christened them with the best sounding record I’ve purchased recently, Grant Green’s Born to be Blue.
In my office I have a pair of LS50s (and another pair in my listening room) basically operating in nearfield on my desk with a NAD D 3020 v2. I was a bit hesitant on using the 3020 due to what seemed like a possible power mismatch, but I like to keep my desk clean and a small integrated seemed the way to go. With a tiny sprinkling of REW EQ magic they ended up sounding amazing with a wide sound field (expected with the LS50s) but also one that extended fairly deep behind the speakers; this was something of a miracle since these are less than a foot from the wall behind them in a very untreated room.
Mad for NAD – A Look Back At The NAD 3020A Integrated Amp
The Wrap. Buying vintage gear is a gamble. Entry-level vintage gear like the NAD 3020 is perhaps a gamble worth taking, if the condition and price are right
4 months ago
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Help me but a subwoofer please. Details in comments.
I just bought the NAD 3020 running it with my 14 year old MS302s and can’t believe how good it sounds :). Anyways it has a sub out so naturally I have to buy one…. Usage will be 90% music youtube so want it to be quite tight and not boomy.
Sub and amp for KEF Q150
NAD 328 or 3020 both have a decent DAC, sub out, and sufficient power. Just stick with established, proven brands unless your budget truly forces you to look elsewhere. They have been putting out quality gear for a long time and know what they are doing.
NAD D 3020 V2 - Was Class D a Smart Choice? - iiWi reviews
Conclusion NAD knew what they’re were doing here, and that’s creating a very versatile but still good sounding integrated, that’ll cover the needs of most modern audiophiles that like to keep things simple and in as low a number of boxes as possible. If you find yourself to be among those, NAD D 3020 V2 can be a really good center of your system. And if your appetite grows along the way, the amplification section is capable to follow even better external digital sources
4 months ago
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I liked the NAD 3020 especially for the vertical position, but someone mentioned it may struggle to power speakers? Emotiva A-100 basX was out of the question due to massive size. I REALLY want to keep the items on my desk to a minimum in surface area, but if I can neatly stack units vertically, I'm ok with that. What else can achieve that with plenty of power to run the RB42's and my headphones?.
The thing randomly shuts off after 3-4 minutes of use whether on USB input or Aux input. Then it just started turning off completely. It's getting sent straight back to Amazon. That leaves me upping my budget to either the NAD 3020 V2 or the PS Audio Sprout 100.
I also found a NAD 3020 integrated amp for $29 there as well - needed recapping (snap, crackle and pop) but it made music! And I am listening now to a pair of M-Audio AV40's that I found there for $25. The warehouse sized Value Village in my town is legendary for shit like this, prices are completely random (as-is no returns on electronics), crappy stereos priced ridiculously high and occasional bargains on high-end gear.
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