Yamaha A-S801

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  • Great for the price
  • Easy to set up
  • Digital and computer/USB inputs and bi-amping more than compensate
  • OTOH capability for sub woofer
  • Yamaha knows music


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This Is Not The Greatest System In The World...
I had heard the KEFs before and noted the brightness they can give off, but took a chance with the A-S801 and it definitely helps tone them down... and certainly provides enough power to make them comfortable. For now, this is a massive upgrade and I couldn’t be happier... until the upgrade bug hits again.
Why I really like the Yamaha A-S801
For over 30 years I had a Yamaha R-9 receiver. Late last year I decided to make a change to my speakers. After going to a Hi-Fi show and listening to several sets I decided on a pair of Rogers LS3/5A speakers. While they sounded good through the R-9, they didn't sound as good as I knew they should. ...
david benson
3 years ago
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powerful integrated am with clean sound
easy to set up; great inputs; this replaced an old A-700 and I miss the ability to select record inputs separately from source; OTOH capability for sub woofer; digital and computer/USB inputs and bi-amping more than compensate.
5 years ago
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Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier Review
Yamaha knows music. This company encompasses every aspect of the musical process from education, instruments, and pro recording, to a staggering array of diversified consumer products. Their recently introduced flagship integrated A-S3000 challenged high-end territory, but as a near $8000 statement ...
4 months ago
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Breaking in the new Linton set.
With my Yamaha A-S801, they image quite well, far exceeding my expectations. Bass is tight and punchy and more than adequate enough to make me disconnect my Emotiva S12, although I may reconnect after break-in. As for my worries about the high frequency roll-off and lack of detail? Misplaced, unfounded.
Yamaha A-S801 Integrated Amplifier and YBA-11 Bluetooth Wireless Adapter - The Absolute Sound
Coming from a group of lifelong audiophiles, that’s high praise indeed. The Yamaha A-S801 looks good, sounds splendid, and has a long list of useful features at a price that makes it a flaming bargain! I suspect many readers are lifelong audiophiles like me, for whom system upgrades are a way of life, possibly even the purpose of life.
4 months ago
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Yamaha A-S801 review!
I, like you, know the slim one slim remotes with you know, simple, simple inputs, power volume, directional buttons, good job, yeah mom and that's my review of Yamahas integrated amp. Please subscribe. Let me know what you guys think
Antonio Perez
4 months ago
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More Linton Love!
Paired with my Rega P3 + MP-200 + Schiit Mani, and powered by a Yamaha A-S801, I am extremely happy with the sound I get. Smooth like butter and chocolate, the Lintons are warm and romantic. A very musical sounding speaker that provides an intimate listening experience that you can enjoy at higher volumes for long periods of time without fatigue.
Great amp for the money
I have a pair of Klipsh Forte II speakers that are fabulous but VERY sensitive to amplification. If your amp does not have plenty of clean power then they will sound very harsh. This is the closest in sound I have come to since my Carver tube amp these speakers were connected to originally. I am als...
5 years ago
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has USB input
Connect your laptop directly to this Yamaha A-S801 amp by USB cable. Then your laptop provides a digital signal to the amp. This bypasses the laptop's D/A converter & analog hardware that is often poorly designed. Make sure you turn off the Auto Power Standby switch, on back of A-S801, so that your ...
2 years ago
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