Korg Volca Keys

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  • Great for beginners
  • Good price point
  • Sounds awesome
  • Same 9v DC centre positive power input (PSU not supplied)
  • Build quality is adequate with most controls being of the Monotron variety


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Review: Korg Volca Keys
Overall The keys is again great fun while at the same time can be musically relevant, any kind of poly at this price kind of deserves a double-take second look, as it's astonishing that it can be done. The only downsides for me are the noise level which can become intrusive at low filter settings and the filter itself, which just doesn't sound as musical as the Bass which is odd considering they are in fact the same filter. Still a great purchase and when combined with the Bass and a MIDI keyboard can get you lost in analog goodness for hours
3 months ago
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Best entry-level digital FM synths?
Korg Volca FM. I had the Yamaha Reface DX and the volca is just better all around (besides polyphony. and I'm a terrible player so it's okay)
Can You Have Too Much Fun?
It's hard to resist owning the three-set, Volcabass and Volcabeats as well as this one. They can all be wired together to play in perfect sync. If you have only a little experience in synthesizers, you'll have lots to learn. But some fairly-random rotations of the many dials, and you'll be coming up...
Rick and Carolyn
8 years ago
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Korg Volcas Review - The Power Of Three
This is similar to the one found on the Monotron Delay, although we were disappointed to find that the feedback control is much more conservative than that self-oscillating monster. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent addition that can be used to add depth to any sound, and can also be sync’d to tempo.With the LFO adding some subtle pitch modulation, and the delay switched on, you get a beautiful shimmering chorus effect that’s great for Boards of Canada style, lo-fi pads
3 months ago
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I've bought korg volca fm and PO-12 Rythm. However I'm not satisfied with this setup. Volca is really cool, but the PO drums aren't the sound I'm looking for - they are kind of harsh and cold.
ICMP Reviews: KORG Volca Keys
Volca Keys The Volca Keys is a three voice analog poly synthesizer, with 27 multi-touch keys and a number of useful features including a delay panel with adjustable time, feedback and tempo buttons. Key Features Having a close look at the instrument will show you how the Volca has a great range of modules for us to play with and use.
3 months ago
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Korg Volca Keys (Kontakt, Ableton, SFZ) - decent|SAMPLES
The fat analog sounds of Korg’s fantastic Volca Keys (both sawtooth and square wave) in convenient Kontakt (version 5.3.1 or later), Ableton, and SFZ formats.
We love our Korg Volca Keys. For those who aren’t familiar with it, it’s basically a small, MIDI-controlled analog synthesizer:
3 months ago
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Seriously don’t know shit about Synths. So where do I start.
Can’t go wrong with a korg volca keys. Great starter, good price, and it sounds awesome!
Amazing machine. You want this.
The Korg Volca Keys is an amazing product at a remarkable price. It's immensely portable, at about the size of a VHS tape. It runs on batteries (which last a surprisingly long time) and has an on-board speaker. You can clock-sync it to other Volcas (try slaving any other Volcas to the Volca Beats, w...
Aaron A.
7 years ago
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Introducing KORG volca keys
Finally, I'm going to tell you about my favorite bit, which is the automation. The volcker Keys, can automate all the knobs from here to here, with the exception of the Peet knob into the sequence. Let me show you how that's done you
3 months ago
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