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  • Made for a wide range of users
  • Very light weight
  • Rolls back and forth easily
  • Vented back
  • An asymmetrical lumbar support


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Looks great, but very uncomfortable
My company outfitted our new office building with the Haworth Very Task chair.
+ Looks good. Modern look-and-feel
+ Very light weight
+ Rolls back and forth easily
+ Vented back
+ It's fine for very short periods of time (10-15 minutes).
- Very uncomfortable under the seat. I...
7 years ago
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[CHAIR] MyOfficeInnovations Technical Mesh Task Chair Red (Same model as Staples Hyken) $157.40 ($146.41 for Gray)
I had this chair and while it's definitely better than most gaming chairs that people normally buy it's still not as comfortable as a dedicated task char. I recently found a fully specced Haworth Very for $60 locally that beats this in every way. I recommend to save the money and look for sales locally if you live in a big city.
Fantastic chair - order it from the manufacturer directly.
I ordered this chair twice. The first time, I received the 'Lively', a much less expensive chair. The second time, I received the correct chair, with one of the arm rests broken off completely. Prior to the second order, I contacted OfficeDesigns support directly to request assembly instructions - t...
7 years ago
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I think this is the best route. Just today I bought a Haworth Very for $25 on FB marketplace in like-new condition. I learned that this is also an excellent chair, and often available too.
Haworth Very Chair: Quick Review and Initial Impressions From NeoCon 2019
I think it's got a good lumbar support overall comfortable chair, not overly thick padding. It's still well supported, [ Music, ].
4 months ago
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Great Chair, Packaging and Instructions not so much.
Arrived on time. The chair came disassembled and the parts were in a plastic bag all together with no padding or bubble wrap or any protection inside a cardboard box. There is some scuffing on the arms and base unit. I cannot believe that for such an expensive chair it is packed this way, I feel luc...
7 years ago
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Want to upgrade, I lean forward a lot, no back issues
The Haworth Very and Zody chairs have an optional forward tilt that leans the chair forward slightly, this always people that like to lean forward still use the back rest. They’re a bit more than $500 new but you should be able to find them used for under that.
My Haworth Very is a squeak machine. But their high-end model might be different.
Haworth Very Task Chair Adjustment Video
This allows the users three points of recline and healthy posture from your ankles, your knees and your hips. The tilt tension can be adjusted by turning the crank forward for more tension and back for less tension. The very tester has been designed to allow your chair to be highly ergonomic and highly adjustable
Wardens Office
4 months ago
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We use these at my work office... all of them are breaking.
Super comfortable chair... was Very (harr) close to buying one for my home setup. And then my work chair broke. And then the replacement broke. And 2 others' broke in my open cube layout. I'm of average weight - 160lbs. It pains me to leave a negative review but hopefully Haworth can create a revise...
4 years ago
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