Gotrax G4

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  • Great for commuting
  • Good speed for the price
  • Built in lock
  • 10" air filled tires
  • Decent quality


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Both on sale on Amazon, is the $50 price difference between the Elite and the Ultra worth it? (First time Scooter buyer here)
I’ve been looking at the GoTrax G4 myself, for $499. It has larger 10” air filled tires, which seems rare at this price. And a built in cable lock, which seems nice.
Gotrax G4 Review: Hit or Miss? » Electric Scooter Guide
Ad Gotrax G4: Review Conclusions The Gotrax G4 is a solid entry-level scooter built for commuting, not high performance.
Best Budget commuter out there!
The media could not be loaded. For me trying to find my perfect one, this was it! I have had used other scooters and have experience in the field, this is the one. Price range is fantastic, and the speed for 15.5 and 20 mph is great. And yes, trust me. 20 mph is more than enough, although it may not...
Andrew Hazard
5 months ago
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GoTrax G4 Review :  The Best Electric Scooter from GoTrax
Overall, We think the GoTrax G4 is a great upgrade from the previous scooters from GoTrax.
Tech We Want
2 months ago
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I have the Gotrax G4 for about 2 weeks now, its a great scooter but the grips are terrible, its sharp and scrappes my hands,
For some reason I haven't found anyone else complaining about it,
What grips do you recommend I get?
Awesome new and enhanced version of GoTrax
I have an older version of this GoTrax scooter and I upgraded to this after a few years of use. I'm very happy with this new version. The major differences are the passcode on the screen, the passcode on the bike, and the air filled tires. This new scooter is also much faster and the battery lasts m...
Adam Sferlazzo
8 months ago
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Gotrax G4 Review the best electric scooter from Gotrax
For more information on Gotrax warranty and customer service, please visit the Esg website to find the G4 written review Overall: Pros: This is the most robust scooter you'll find at 500 with best in class speed, best-in-class battery capacity, and the largest tires in its class. It also has excellent on-the-go features including a built-in cable lock and 5 second folding and unfolding.
Electric Scooter Guide
2 months ago
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Great beginner scooter! Huge battery and light weight
I’ve owned a few scooters in the past, but I wanted something that was lightweight but still had a big enough battery to get me around. So far I am very happy! The setup of the scooter was a little tricky? But otherwise I’ve had no issues. I’ve only had to charge it twice since I purchased and it re...
8 months ago
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GoTrax G4 Electric Scooter In-Depth Review (Unbiased and NOT SPONSORED)
However, it's It's totally fine and at 36 pounds, it is possible to carry it upstairs, but you wouldn't want to be carrying it for a long distance. I do like the folding mechanism though. unlike my old electric scooter, it can fold with the kickstand down and you don't have to try to straddle it between your legs and balance it as you're folding it
Random Tech Videos
2 months ago
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Need some help between a gotrax g4 or a zero 8 scooter
I own a GoTrax G4. It was my first time ever owning or riding a scooter. I've never ridden a Zero but knowing what I know now I know a Zero would be the better choice. The G4 is fine but the battery life is atrocious.




Voice Assistant Built-in


Battery Charge Time

4.5 hours

Maximum Operating Range

25 miles