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Segway Ninebot KickScooter F30

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  • Great for commuting
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Integrated headlight and tail lights
  • Easy to fold up for storage
  • Comes with a carrying bag


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Love my scooter
A great scooter for my commute. The pneumatic tires do a good job of smoothing out the bumps in the road. Enough power for small inclines. Speed is just right—not too fast not too slow. Solid design and construction. Really fun way to get around!
1 year ago
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Segway F25 vs F30 vs F40 - Which Model Is Right for You?
The F30 is a direct competitor to the GoTrax GXL V2 and is a superb choice.
3 months ago
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Excellent Performance and Design. Terrible App.
I really do like the overall design of this scooter. It is compact, sleek and has excellent performance. The built in headlight and tail lights are very convenient. The 3 modes: ECO, Standard, and Speed do give you options for how long and what kind of power you need. They are very useful. The charg...
Earth Spirits
1 year ago
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Great Scooter, with Outstanding Features and Price
Just received got this scooter and I love it. This product has may great features:
Great range!
Great acceleration/speed without being dangerous
Great stability
Tires absorb a lot of the road impact
Good grip in rain
Lots of space for feet
Headlamp works well for night
So easy to use
Love t...
1 year ago
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Segway-Ninebot F series scooters have software updates and mobile locking - SlashGear
A new f series of e-kick scooters were released by segway 9 ba this week with mobile connected smart controls. These scooters, the f25 f30 and f40 each connect with a segway 9 bot app. This app connects via bluetooth and allows the owner of the scooter to upgrade the device's firmware, lock, functionality for the scooter and monitor writing status and data
Technology News Live
7 months ago
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Pretty cool scooter
Overall a very good scooter. We also have a Segway ES4. This one has not only bigger tires and is overall larger - taller handles, wider board to stand on. It feels about the same weight as the ES4, but has much better performance. It gets up hills well (6’ 220lbs). And is smooth over bumps with the...
Aaron Fresinski
1 year ago
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So good if you can’t store a bike
Loved this! My mom bought this for me, and I’m obsessed with it! I go to school in a pretty walkable city, so this has been great for getting to classes that are farther out without being too bulky or hard to store like a bike. The battery lasts for days, even with consistent use, and it holds up re...
9 months ago
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Durable & Smooth Riding // Segway Ninebot F25
So if you're curious about the exact pricing and availability of this scooter, you can head down in the description below and click one of those links. I thank segway for sending this over giving us the opportunity to test it out and ride it around. It was a ton of fun, like i keep saying so, links if you're ready to make a purchase or want to check out the pricing likes that this video has brought you some value and subs
Ben G Kaiser
7 months ago
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Fantastic!!! Will pay for itself quickly.
I use Lyft and Uber scooters twice day to cover the last two miles to and from home on my commute. It added up to about $140 a month. So this is good investment if your on the fence but still use rental scooters daily. Drop the cash on this. It’s worth it. Differences vs. Rentals This scooter is FWD...
Jonathan W.
9 months ago
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great product
This is absolutely awesome, it has great features and is pretty fast. Out of the box it only allows you to go 8mph but once you register it with the app you can go up to 20mph I think. Me and my family love them, I bought two and thinking of getting one more.
9 months ago
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