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Apollo Ghost Review: An Out of This World 38 MPH Scooter That's Actually Affordable » Electric Scooter Guide
Apollo Ghost: Review Conclusions The Ghost is a sneaky spirit worth stealing, as it’s powerfully fast, stacking performance on portability on eye-catching good looks.
Apollo Ghost had fender holes completely too big, they sent me a DIY kit that was incomplete with styrofoam backing (still didn't work). Ended up arguing with them to have local-warranty NYC repairman drill new holes in the deck for new bolts (for a kickstand!). Now the rear motor is shaky on the Ghost, they're claiming it's due to user error. Insane that they're fighting this much, when you KNOW scooters have a lot of issues.
2K to spend....
Apollo Ghost,. Vsett 9+.
I wanted to share my initial impressions of the Apollo Ghost after about 30 miles of riding. I’m a 190 lb dude dealing with San Francisco hills, so dual motor was a must for me. I opted for the mechanical brakes instead of hydraulic because a) I’m cheap and b) it was shipping faster. Out of the box, I was quite pleased with the build quality.
Please stop buying from Apollo
Meh, my Apollo Ghost is just fine (I know its just a rebranded model). I live in Montreal and the few times I've had to go get service the people have been nice, and my one serious repair was covered by warranty, no real fuss about it.
Apollo Ghost. All are in my price range, all have good features, all are locally available without much wait time.
I just got hit by a car. What do I do?
As for Scooter recommendations, I highly recommend the Apollo Ghost or the Apollo Phantom (pre-order date 03/15/21). Having owned an E-bike, I can say that buying from someone with a good warranty and Customer Service takes a lot of stress out of a sizeable purchase. Also why type of Helmet do you have? Bicycle or Motorcycle?
Scooter for my husband
I recommend Either the Apollo Ghost or Varla Eagle One if you want to keep it in the $1500 range.
Wait for New Scooters or Buy Now?
For the money the Ghost seemed to me to be the “Best Buy” in your price range. It’s probably the best value right now in a dual-motor scooter when you consider overall specs, including the reputation of the seller (Apollo).
Reviewing the Mantis Pro SE next, what would you like to know about it?
Straight up comparison to the Apollo Ghost since they’re so close in price.