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Xiaomi Mi M365 Review 2021 - Electric Travel Experts
Xiaomi Mi M365 Review SummaryThe Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is a highly durable, portable, fast and fun electric scooter which is perfect for an urban commute and scooting around town. The scooter is affordable but packed full of awesome features like Bluetooth connectivity and cruise control. We recommend it as a great electric scooter for adults and a fantastic green alternative transport method
2 months ago
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Debate on whether to purchase an e-bike or an electric scooter(both high-end)
I admit I am sort of biased against scooters because I had a xiaomi m365 and it felt like a toy. It was ok for super short distance but that was it.
Xiaomi Mi M365 Review: And Still the Reigning King of Electric Scooters » Electric Scooter Guide
Build Quality Overall, the Mi M365 is one of the most well-designed, effectively thought-out, and popular scooters in the world. It’s very solid. No rattles, no squeaks
Xiaomi Mi M365 Electric Scooter Review - How Good Is It?
Who Should Buy The Xiaomi Mi M365 Scooter?. The Xiaomi Mi scooter, despite its recent recall, has shown itself to be a solid entry in the scooter market. It has the speed and range for a city commuter, and a simple, lightweight design
2 months ago
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Why the Xiaomi M365 is the Most Popular Scooter in the World | Xiaomi Mi M365 Review
the scooter is 27 pounds. For us, we think it is one of the best overall values in the electric scooter market.
Electric Scooter Guide
2 months ago
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Been riding my Xiaomi M365 Pro for 2000 km roughly (it has been "flashed" to 33kph). I am getting slightly tired of the lack of power since I got quite few hills to defeat to and from work. No idea if its just my brain. but I feel like its not as powerful anymore, could it be due to the flash?
A+ mobility device
My reason was space, I suddenly needed a small means of transport for my commute to work. Without even trying a rental one first, I just bought a Xiaomi M365 Pro and it immediately changed my life. Yes, it's a great means of transport, super convenient.
Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter - An Honest Review
Really, over the past six months I've thoroughly enjoyed my time with this yummy M36 Five.
Stu’s Reviews
2 months ago
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M365 Pro vs INOKIM Light 2 vs ZERO 9
Bad mechanical design... - No sounds beeps etc when charging or play with the control display (m365/pro has). - Nothing impressive.


Tyre Outer Diameter

8.4 inch (210mm)

Tyre Material

Polyurethane rubber