Dreadbox Typhon

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  • Great for ambient and drone
  • Analog synth with tons of user-programmable presets
  • Excellent effects
  • Lovely osc and filter
  • Sounds amazing


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A Greek God: Dreadbox Typhon
Although defeated by Zeus’ thunderbolts, Typhon was one of the deadliest creatures to challenge the established hierarchy of gods in Greek mythology. Typhon was a giant, a monstrous entity of crafty ways, capable of taking on traditional order—and kicking ass. Dreadbox’s Typhon synthesizer is an acc...
3 months ago
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Amazing sounds
This thing sounds amazing. Just buy it.
Kyle Waddick
1 year ago
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Analog synths under 500 EUR (used & new) with patch saving function
Dreadbox Typhon. Sounds as good as anything out there IMO. If you want to pay Behringer-like prices for a mono synth but would prefer to get something that isnt a shameless clone, has modern features and effects, while also supporting a small company.... then it's the way to go.
What Should I Buy? /// Weekly Discussion - June 28, 2021
I think the dreadbox typhon looks really cool, but I would like some input into other synths that can do similar things. I think that if I get an additional synth I would need a mixer. I think it would be really nice to have a USB interface in the mixer for recording. I have been looking at the soundcraft signature mtk 12, the Mackie profx12 and the Allen & Heath ZEDi-10.
Deep testing: new Dreadbox Typhon firmware, new powers for this monosynth - CDM Create Digital Music
More: Previously:. Dreadbox meets Sinevibes, in compact Typhon analog synth + sequencing + fx.
3 months ago
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Opinion: Practically anything analog can do, virtual analog can do better
I can do most of what I can do on my Dreadbox Typhon with virtual analog, but it'll take a few plugins and some tweaking, and still not sound exactly the same. I like the Typhon's unique oscillators, the smoothness of its filter, and the Sinevibes digital effects section (which I could repro by buying Sinevibes plugins, but I couldn't modulate them they way I could on the Typhon). The Minilogue XD I have makes it very easy to dial in dark, washy, ambient sounds with oscillator drift, whereas I'd have to tweak for a bit in a digital synth to get that. It also has a digital oscillator where you can use user oscillators and blend them into the sound, as well as a Sinevibes digital effects section plus user effects, so it's a bit of hybrid.
Unbeatable Mono Synth for the Price
First of all, I got this synth on for $279 a year or so ago at a local shop. The synth is definitely worth $399 or even $449 (inflation, global pandemic, chip shortage, etc. are why you're seeing pricing jump across the board for music gear). Anyway... I never write reviews on Amazon, but when I saw...
Matthew G Rogers
6 months ago
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Next Volca or ?...
Stretch up to $350 and you can get the Dreadbox Typhon, which is a fat monophonic synth with excellent effects (kind of like an upgraded Volca Bass). Perhaps there's some overlap with your monologue here, though. Finally, the $100 NTS-1 is worth mentioning, you can sequence it from your Keystep and use it to add crazy good effects to the rest of your gear. There's an expandable ecosystem of free and paid software for it known as logueSDK.
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If you had to build the best setup for the least amount of money, what are you picking to play with? Warning: long rant
Dreadbox Typhon - middle budget at $300ish, but super powerful. Kind of like the NTS-1, Volca Bass, and Volca Kick all smashed into one box (and about the same price as buying all 3 of those separately). Really excellent unit especially if you are interested in complex modulation sequencing, which it can do both internally or from an external higher level sequencer (such as MPC One, or Digitakt/Digitone).
Great little mono synth...
It's a great synth that does a good job of addressing one of the biggest issues with mono synths stand-alone; they're dry and boring. The built in effects provide the needed depth and interest to get really cool sounds out of the thing without having to invest in external hardware. About the only se...
J. Reedy
1 year ago
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Analog with DSP FX




254 Preset Memory


2 x Analog VCO