Dell S2719DGF

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Dell S2719DGF
The Dell S2719DGF is a decent 144Hz monitor with a TN panel and mediocre picture quality. It has great gaming features such as support for FreeSync variable refresh rate technology, incredibly low input lag, and very fast response time. It can get bright enough to combat glare, but it has bad dark room performance due to the low native contrast ratio and terrible black uniformity
Dimitris Katsaounis
5 months ago
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I bought a Dell S2719DGF - Model might look different because mine was purchased in Canada. I purchased it 3 months ago and noticed there's burn-in/ghosting pixels and they don't go away. Contacted amazon support, they had me send pictures of the foot long burn-in, sent in various background colors which made it more apparent. Physical damage?
Dell 27 Gaming Monitor (S2719DGF) Review
As a dedicated gaming monitor, the S2719DGF works well.
Tony Hoffman
5 months ago
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Exceptional value for the money
Edit: An update, I liked my first monitor so much that I just bought another one. I can't believe how bad my old monitor, the Acer XG270HU, was compared to this one. These are the best monitors I've used in terms of eye strain and usability while still producing pleasing colors. The high resolution,...
3 years ago
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[Discount] 20% off select Amazon Warehouse items - $1*.80 (
I bought an dell S2719DGF for $206 at the start of the year. Was listed as having scratches and cosmetic damage, but it came flawless in original packaging. Only issue was one dead pixel near the start button, invisible during normal use. Saved almost $100 off normal price on Amazon/dell.
Dell S2719DGF 144Hz Gaming Monitor Review -
It remains at the same low input lag when using FreeSync too, which is great. So overall. The Dell S2719DGF is a great monitor for gaming due to the low input lag, high, refresh rate and fast response
5 months ago
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Awful halo/bleed in center of screen
This monitor, aside from my major complaint about the 'halo', was pretty great. Things look nice and crisp and the 144/155hz refresh rate while gaming made everything smooth and pleasing. But I don't know if i got a defective product, or this is par for the course with this monitor, or it got damage...
4 years ago
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[Monitor] Dell S2721DGF 1440p 165hz IPS - $380 ($120 Off)
If you're looking for a solid gaming IPS this is it chief.
I have the S2719DGF and it's awesome. This is the updated version with slightly better specs
144hz 1440p Gaming Monitor Recommendations?
I recently picked up a Dell S2719DGF. It's overclockable to 155Hz, supports FreeSync and G-Sync (but isn't G-Sync certified). It's a TN panel, but since I don't do anything that would warrant an IPS panel, I decided to save the money and get a nicer mount for it. I really like it - it's responsive, viewing angles are standard for a TN, and it's just a nice, simple monitor without a bunch of extra gimmicky features.
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Best looking TN panel I've seen.
I needed a display that gave me high refresh rates across both display port and HDMI which isn't easy to find at a reasonable price. This will give you 144hz across both. There is a second HDMI port that gives you 60hz which is fine if your not gaming but this thing was built to game and this is whe...
4 years ago
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Energy Class

Class B

Energy Consumption per Year

45 kWh

Power Consumption (On mode)

31 W

Diagonal Size